Assessment Description:
You need to reference at least 5 reference sources other than the textbook and use cases
to support your arguments. Work that includes sources that are not properly referenced
according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalised.
References must follow the Harvard referencing style. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills
handout on Report writing. The first time a case name is used it must be cited in full in the
body of the text. Please see Academic Learning skills staff for assistance with this, or any
Assessment – 3
Course Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Accounting
Unit Business Law
Unit Code BO1BLAW204
Type of Assessment Assessment 3 – Individual Assignment
Length / duration 2000 words – estimated 5 pages – not including the title page, executive
summary, table of contents and references list.
Learning outcomes
a) Demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of the
principles of Australian Business Law within the context of the
prescribed readings.
b) Identify and analyse relevant facts, problems and legal issues from a
given scenario and develop an argument in response, discussing
available options in the context of business law.
c) Interpret business law legislation and cases and complete questions
based on that legislation and relevant case law in class.
d) Appreciate the role of compliance and the requirement that
organisations and individuals must follow the laws that apply to their
industry areas.
e) Understand and apply the law related to establishing, managing and
controlling enterprises
Submission Date Week 8. 4pm.
Assessment Brief Question One (20%)
See Question below.
Total Mark 20 marks
Weighting 20% of the unit total marks
Students are advised that any submissions past the due date incur a 5% penalty per day,
calculated from the total mark e.g. a task marked out of 40 will incur a 2-mark penalty per day.
More information, please refer to View Doc >> Student Policies and Forms by visiting the
following link
Assessment Submission:
Marks will be deducted for late submission – 5% deduction per calendar day late, of the total mark is
applicable. However, consideration may be offered only under medical ground or other extenuating
circumstances. You must provide appropriate supporting documentation for consideration.
Please be aware that any assessments submitted in formats other than Microsoft Word will be
considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in Word format.
No paper based or hardcopy submission will be accepted.
Our Academic Learning Support (ALS) team are there to help you with understanding the task and all
other assessment-related matters. For assistance and to book a one-on-one meeting please email one
of our ALS coordinators (Sydney; Melbourne For
online help and support please click the following link and navigate Academic Learning Support in
Marking guide (rubric):
Your question answers would be marked on the basis of the following marking guideline. It is very
important to connect your answers to key legal concepts and to support them with case and statute
Business Law: Marking Rubric Total:20 marks
Fail<50% Pass 50% to 64% Credit 65% to
Distinction 75% to 84% High Distinction >85%
Research Little
evidence of
Sources are
integrated or
Lacks clear
link of sources
to arguments.
Basic and sound
research. Basic use of
sources to support
ideas, generally well
integrated, most
sources are credible.
May be weaknesses
with paraphrasing or
Research is
Good use of
sources to
support ideas,
mostly well
sources are
credible. May
be weaknesses
or integration/
Thorough research is
indicated. Very good
use of sources to
support ideas, well
integrated, sources are
credible. May be minor
weaknesses with
paraphrasing or
Thorough research is
indicated. Professional
use of sources to
support ideas, well
integrated, sources are
credible. Very minor, if
any, weaknesses with
paraphrasing or
Information / Content
topic is poorly
little analysis.
Is generally coherent;
topic is addressed;
analyses in reasonable
depth with some
description. There are
some inconsistencies
Is coherent
and flows well;
topic is
Is very coherent and
flows well; topic is
addressed thoroughly;
analyses in depth.
There may be minor
Professional work.
Argument is very
coherent and flows
well; topic is addressed
thoroughly; analyses in
great depth. Very
and weaknesses with
analyses in
depth. There
may be some
with flow.
inconsistencies and
weakness with flow.
minor, if any,
inconsistencies and
weaknesses with flow.
Material is
and generally
Material shows some
analysis but is generally
poorly sequenced.
Analysis and
sequence is
There is good analysis
and presented in a
reasonable sequence
Professional standard
of analysis and
sequential structure.
Poor standard
of writing.
Word limit
may not be
adhered to.
Basic and sound
standard of writing;
some errors in
punctuation, grammar
and spelling
Good standard
of writing; few
errors in
grammar and
Very good standard of
writing; very few or
minor errors in
punctuation, grammar
and spelling.
Professional standard
of writing; no errors in
punctuation, grammar
and spelling.
Referencing No
referencing is
evident or, if
done, is
incorrect. No
or minimal
reference list,
mixed styles.
Basic and sound
attempt to reference
sources; may be some
inconsistencies and
technical errors in
style. Reference list is
generally complete
with 1 or 2 references
Good attempt
to reference
and technical
errors in style.
inaccuracies in
reference list
and all
Very good attempt to
reference sources; very
minor inconsistencies
and technical errors in
style. Thorough and
consistent reference
list and all references
Professional level of
referencing and
acknowledgment; no
errors of style evident
.Thorough and
consistent reference
list and all references
General Notes for Referencing
Correct Case and Legislation citation required
Due Week 8 submit via Moodle.
On 25 November, the following advertisement appeared in the newspaper:
“Boast Sound system; model BS100 for sale for $2,000. This is half the price you will normally
pay for such a set. Hurry, as there are only ten units for sale. Contact High Five Systems at
9777 0000 to place an order or walk in to our store at 112, Speaker Street, Handenong to
Jacob called up the phone number in the advertisement on the very same day and spoke to
Rhonda, one of the salespersons at High Five Systems. He said, “I accept your offer and I will
come in to pay and collect the set tomorrow.” Rhonda tried to explain something to him but
Jacob put the phone down before he could hear her explanation.
Iris called High Five Systems on 25 November to place an order but could not get to speak to
any of the salespeople. She left a message on the answering machine saying, “If I do not hear
back from you on this matter, I assume you will be selling me two of your sets at the price you
advertised.” The staff at High Five Systems only heard this message on 28 November.
Hamid went to High Five Systems on 26 November and enquired whether he could put the
set on layby and settle the full payment amount a month later. Rhonda told him that she
would have to check with her boss first. Since the boss was not in, she told Hamid that she
would call him later and inform him of this. The boss did not return that whole day and only
came in the afternoon of the next day. She checked with the boss the next afternoon but he
said that they did not accept laybys. Rhonda called Hamid back and informed him of this.
Hamid then said that it did not matter and that he would come in the next day to make the
payment and collect his set. Rhonda then informed him that Jimmy had already sold off all
the sets that morning. Hamid insists that since he had accepted the offer a day earlier, one
set should be sold to him.
Ranbir walked in to High Five Systems on 27 November in the morning and placed an order
for all the 10 sets. Jimmy, another salesperson, told him that he was not sure if there were
any sets left but said that if they were still available, he would have them sent out to Ranbir
in the evening. The delivery company collected the 10 sets from High Five Systems that
evening so that they could be delivered to Ranbir. Before the sets could be delivered to him,
Ranbir called High Five Systems and cancelled his order. A little while later, the sets were
delivered by the delivery company to him.
Advise each of the parties of their rights in Contract law. (20 marks)

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