The paper involves writing about one artwork that you see in person. The work must fall within the time frame of Western art encompassed by the course (14th Century through the early 20th Century), and it must reflect aspects of an artistic trend discussed in class. Introduce the work by providing artist, title, date, medium and the collection in which it’s located. Provide some biographical background on the artist and the artist’s interests, and historic background on the making of the work itself, if that’s known. Analyze the subject. Analyze the style. Then consider how the work is representative of that artist and the artistic trend(s) of its day. • Think in terms of 4 pages of double-spaced text, plus illustrations and a “Works Cited” page. • Introduce the work, and any comparison pieces you include, by providing the artist’s name, title, date, medium and the collection (museum) in which it’s located. Proper titles of art are italicized or underlined. • Research is required to get a full understanding of the piece, its artist, and its historic context. At least five scholarly sources should be listed, and three should be print sources (books, periodical articles or museum publications) rather than websites. Please use in-text citations and list your sources in a professional format. Sylvan Barnet’s Short Guide to Writing about Art includes the Chicago style of source citations, as well as great writing suggestions and sample essays. I also accept APA style or MLA style for references, guidelines for which can be found online.

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