Question description

Thoroughly address the ideas, views and topics of each question by writing paragraphs that are organized and that clearly state your
response. Provide support for each of your responses which include your own
thoughts and comments to clearly demonstrate your understanding and grasp of
the ethical concepts presented in the question. 

Write a minimum of two paragraphs and a maximum of one page for each question
you select.  Write your responses in a
business professional tone.
Suggestion:  Include personal
illustrations and/or examples from your textbook reading and cases to support
your answer for each question.1.  What
are the limitations to the employment-at-will system, and how do they arise? 2. Describe the current status of corporate social
responsibility as an expectation for businesses. 
3. Describe the codes of
ethics that are understood to apply to all forms of international business.4. What advantages does the
stakeholder theory of corporate control have over the shareholder theory? 

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