You may choose the style of your poem. It could be a sonnet, a dramatic monologue, an ode, an elegy, a lyric poem, or your own style. Your poem must be at least 12 lines long. You must use some form of rhyme scheme. The poem should depict a theme of the Victorian era, such as optimism for a changing society, a realistic view of the world, or the Naturalistic idea of uncontrollable fate. In your poem, use strong imagery to describe the setting, AND at least one other literary element, such as metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, etc. Be sure to give your poem a creative title that suits the ideas of the poem.
The Wheels of Progress

Amidst the clanking of gears and wheels,
The chiming of bells and ringing of steel,
The sound of progress echoes in the air,
As we forge a new future, bold and fair.

With steam and coal, we power the world,
Our machines and factories, ever unfurled,
As we march towards a brighter tomorrow,
Leaving behind the pain and sorrow.

The smokestacks rise to the sky,
A symbol of progress, never to die,
As we build our cities, high and tall,
And pave the way for one and all.

But progress comes at a cost,
The price of growth, a line we’ve crossed,
And as we gaze upon the fruits we’ve sown,
We must ask ourselves, are we truly grown?

For in the wake of all this progress,
Lies the remnants of our own distress,
The waste and pollution, the price we pay,
For the wheels of progress to turn each day.

So let us not forget the price we’ve paid,
As we march forward, unafraid,
For the future lies in our own hands,
To build a world, that forever stands.

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