1) According to Gilbert and Troitzsch (2005), Foundations of Simulation Modeling, a simulation model is a computer program that captures the behavior of a real-world system and its input and possible output processes. Briefly explain what the simulation modeling relies upon?

Q2) According to the Comparative Analysis of Tools and Technologies for Policy-Making theory, there are 11 main categories of ICT tools and technologies that can be used for policy-making purposes. Please name them, and briefly explain each.

These questions are from chapter 6&7. Please provide 400 words for each question with at least 3 references each. Thanks

Textbook: Policy Practice and Digital Science – Integrating Complex Systems, Social Simulation and Public Administration in Policy Research

Author: Marijn Janssen, Maria A. Wimmer, and Ameneh Deljoo
Publisher: Springer
Edition: Please Use Most Recent Edition
if you need i can attach pdf of textbook

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