This is an admission letter for a DNP program. Information is provided
Please submit a 3–4-page statement addressing the prompt: “Why the DNP?
This is just a brief background to help you with the essay.
I am a new nurse who went through the accelerated BSN program and all the professors were not professional or not up to date as far as their nursing background. There was a difference in teaching styles with not only didactic but also clinical instructors. I noticed as a novice nurse I wanted to make sure nursing students behind me did not go through those obstacles.
After nursing school and becoming a Medical Surgical nurse for one year and then moving on to Emergency department nurse and Psychiatric nurse I obtained an understanding that most people professors were not in tune with EBP in the clinical setting.
I returned for my MSN nurse educator to obtain the educational background to be able to move forward with precepting and teaching nursing students for that to understand that some educators will continue on a clinical journey to make sure it coincides with academia.
The DNP will allow me to fully uphold my dream of being an academic professor and a clinical instructor to touch the students either way to obtain a better experience on their nursing journey.
Medical Surgical nurse 1 year
Emergency department nurse 2 years
Psychiatric nurse 8 months
I have been a nurse for 2.2 years.
BSN 2017-2020
MSN 2021-2023

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to express my interest in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at your esteemed institution.With a passion for nursing education and clinical practice, I am confident that pursuing the DNP is the logical next step in my career.


I completed an accelerated BSN program and encountered various challenges with the teaching styles and knowledge levels of my professors. This experience led me to recognize the need for more up-to-date, evidence-based education in nursing. To address this need, I decided to pursue an MSN in nurse education. This educational background helped me develop the skills to become a clinical instructor and preceptor.

Professional Experience

As a Medical Surgical nurse for one year, an Emergency Department nurse for two years, and a Psychiatric nurse for eight months, I have gained valuable clinical experience. During this time, I also gained a deeper understanding of the importance of evidence-based practice (EBP) in the clinical setting. Unfortunately, I observed that many professors were not in tune with EBP and were not incorporating it into their teachings.

Reasons for Pursuing the DNP

Enhancing my Knowledge and Skills
Pursuing a DNP program will help me gain a deeper understanding of EBP and its integration into nursing academia. I believe that the DNP curriculum’s emphasis on leadership, quality improvement, and healthcare systems will help me enhance my knowledge and skills in these areas.

Advancing my Career
As a nurse educator, I am passionate about providing nursing students with the best possible education and experience. A DNP program will help me advance my career by equipping me with the necessary tools to become an effective educator, researcher, and practitioner.

Contributing to the Nursing Field
I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the nursing field by conducting research and implementing evidence-based practices. As a DNP graduate, I will have the expertise and knowledge to influence policy and promote the highest standards of care.

DNP Program Goals

Enhancing my Research Skills
A DNP program will help me develop the necessary research skills to conduct and implement evidence-based practice. I am passionate about conducting research that will impact the nursing field and contribute to the advancement of nursing education.

Improving Patient Outcomes
Through my DNP education, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of healthcare systems and quality improvement. I believe that this knowledge will help me improve patient outcomes and promote the highest standards of care.

Developing Leadership Skills
The DNP curriculum’s emphasis on leadership will help me develop the necessary skills to lead and manage teams effectively. As a nurse educator and clinical instructor, I believe that developing these skills will help me become an effective mentor and advocate for nursing students.

As such, I am excited about the opportunity to pursue the DNP program at your institution. With my passion for nursing education and clinical practice, I am confident that this program will provide me with the tools I need to make a meaningful difference in the nursing field. Thank you for considering my application.

[Your Name]

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