Annotated Bibliography – Homework Help With Writing Assignment – Bibliography for: A topic in Early Childhood Special Education
Article: “The Role of Play in Early Childhood Special Education” by Rebecca E. Parlakian and Heidi K. Feldman (2022)
This article discusses the importance of play in early childhood special education, particularly for children with developmental delays or disabilities. The authors argue that play can help these children develop important skills such as communication, socialization, and problem-solving. The article also includes practical suggestions for how educators and caregivers can incorporate play into their teaching strategies.

Book: “Understanding and Supporting Children with Autism in Early Childhood Education” by Elizabeth Strickland (2021)
This book provides an overview of autism spectrum disorder and its impact on young children, as well as practical strategies for supporting these children in the classroom. The author draws on research and her own experience as a special education teacher to provide guidance on topics such as communication, behavior management, and socialization.

Journal article: “Teaching Strategies for Young Children with Hearing Loss: A Review of the Literature” by Debra Nussbaum and Kimberly A. Zerby (2021)
This article reviews the literature on effective teaching strategies for young children with hearing loss. The authors discuss the importance of early identification and intervention, as well as the impact of hearing loss on language development and academic achievement. The article includes practical strategies for supporting these children in the classroom, such as using visual aids and adapting teaching materials to meet their needs.

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