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Toyota’s Woven City Project

Module title Advanced Project and Logistics Management CRN 52915 / 52917 Level 7 Assessment title Group Assignment Title: Toyota’s Woven City Project Toyota’s Woven City Project is an innovative city that is being built as a “living laboratory” for a wide range of interconnected technologies. The project aims to create a natural and man-made ecosystem […]

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Management Practice BSS063-6 Assignment

This assignment requires you to participate in a competitive business game designed to simulate a realistic management situation, in which you will engage as part of a group and as a team of ‘Directors’. You will monitor the performance of your own business and the competition, adjusting your tactical decisions accordingly. The report should be […]

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Performance Management in Maritime Port Operations

Topic: Performance Management in Maritime Port Operations: An Overview of the Literature and its Implications for Employee Performance The assessment task for the Management Research Methods module is to create a research proposal for a management research project, which has a word count of 3000 words and carries a 100% weighting. The research proposal must […]

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Assessment 2 Instructions: Demonstrating Effective Leadership

Assessment 2 Instructions: Demonstrating Effective Leadership Content Assessment 2 Instructions Write an 8-10-page evaluation of key aspects of a population-based health concern, including your selection of members to form an interprofessional, collaborative coalition to achieve the stated goal. Resolving population health concerns requires the combined efforts of numerous agencies and individuals to address the Triple […]

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ECON2542 Intermediate Macroeconomics Assignment Brief

Business and Law Assignment Brief Module Title Intermediate Macroeconomics Assignment Number 1 Module Code ECON2542 Assignment Title Assessment 1 Assignment Release Date: 30/01/2023 Submission Date/Time: 06/03/2023: 12:00 (noon) Assessment Information – What you need to do This assignment is an individual assignment. a) Compare and contrast the inflation development and contribution factors in 1970 and […]

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Assignment Brief Mode C and Q Regulations

Assignment Brief Mode C and Q Regulations Module Title: Contemporary Services and Retail Marketing Assignment Number Coursework 1 Module Code: 3015MKT Assignment Title Individual Report Module Leader: Sophie Yang Assignment Weighting Contribute to 50% of the module mark Release Date: w/c 17th May 2021 Submission Date/Time: Submission Time and Place: Submission through Turnitin ONLY Assessment […]

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