Assignment Type: Group Report (maximum of 7 members per group)
Assignment Premise: Present methods for dealing with one of the challenges currently faced by a wastewater treatment process

Since one of the aims of this course is to provide students with practice in professional communication, each submission should include an executive summary in addition to the findings provided. These submissions must be complete and in the proper format and will be graded according to criteria found in the rubric.

Report Sections:
1. Background of Process/Water Quality Issues & Concerns/Regulatory Context – 8 points
a. Regulatory context for Columbia
i. 303(d) section of the Clean Water Act and the list for the State of Missouri
ii. TMDL goals
b. A brief discussion of Hinkson Creek and its concerns
2. Illustration of Process/System/Water Quality Changes (including locations where your challenge would likely be evaluated) – 12 points
a. Illustration and/or schematic of BMP
b. Brief discussion of theoretical function of your type of BMP
c. Identification of the the location of your BMP and of the portion of the Hinkson Creek affected by your BMP
d. Table of water quality averages upstream and downstream of where your BMP affects the Hinkson (based on the Hinkson Creek Study) + brief discussion of what your BMP may do to help Hinkson
3. Meeting Our Challenge – 18 points
a. Presentation and calculation of the size of the subwatershed/drainage area for your BMP
b. Discussion about the design capacity of your BMP
c. Evaluation of the appropriateness of the placement of your BMP for the purpose of improving the quality of the Hinkson Creek
d. Explanation of what additional features are needed and/or used to promote the efficiency of your BMP’s performance from a water quality/quantity perspective
4. References – 2 points

Required format:
– Times New Roman, 12 point font
– Single spaced
– 1-inch margins on all sides
– Page numbers: All pages should be numbered, including any hand written calculation sheets
– Only write on ONE side of the sheet (for the engineering “quad” paper, use the side with the “lightly” colored grid, not the dark-lined grid)
– At the beginning of each section clearly identify the person(s) in charge of each section of the report as the “Section Lead(s).”
– At the beginning of each section clearly identify the person(s) in checking each section of the report for completeness and accuracy as the “Section Reviewer(s).”
Guidelines for references include:
ASCE Quick Guide to Common Types of Referenced Material:

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