How to Make an Essay Paper Longer

Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of the key things that you have to adhere to when writing an essay is the number of pages or words that your paper has to have. In most cases, course instructors issue instructions on the number of pages that your paper ought to have. Majority of students especially the ones that are inexperienced in writing find it extremely hard to reach the number of minimum pages required. Some students who do not know how to make an essay paper longer turn to techniques such as increasing the font size of the words or increasing the margins and line spacing in order to make the paper reach a certain number of pages. This is such an ineffective strategy since as your course instructor will easily notice that you have manipulated your text. It is good to note that kerning is highly discouraged when working on an academic essay. There are a number of helpful tips of making an essay longer as discussed below.

·         Giving examples. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of the effective strategies of increasing the length of your essay is giving examples. It is good to note that each of the body paragraphs in your essay can be lengthened by the use of examples. This is to say that you are supposed to look for relevant examples that can used to support a given idea being advanced in a certain paragraph.

·         Use of the proper format of a body paragraph is yet another effective strategy of making an essay longer. Basically, a paragraph should have a topic sentence. The purpose of such a sentence is to introduce the main idea being advanced in the paragraph. This should then be followed by a sentence explaining the topic sentence. It is after this sentence that you are expected to introduce the evidence or example to support the main idea. Once you are done expounding on the evidence or dissecting the evidence you are then expected to summarize.  This is usually such a good strategy of increasing the length of an essay.

·         Avoid using contractions and pronouns. It is good to note that contractions reduce the word count due to combination of words. For instance instead of writing “didn’t” you should write “did not”. Similarly using pronouns such as “they” to represent a number of items should be decided if you really want to make your essay longer.

·         The third way of increasing the size of your essay is making sure that it comprises all the components that it is supposed to.

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