BUS703 Managing Research Semester 1, 2018
Task 3 – Exam Questions

You are required to answer any four (4) of the questions below in relation to the Leadership Quarterly article named Leadership Coaching, leader role-efficacy and trust in subordinates. A mixed methods study assessing leadership coaching as a leadership development tool. (posted in the Assessment Task 3 folder > Reading Task 3, and shown as an announcement)

The expectation is that you should be able to complete this exam in 2 hours, and this is the amount of work expected (however as this is not a timed exam so you can take longer if necessary).

You are required to submit your answers by 5pm on 22 June 2018.

Examination format answers are required i.e. NOT a report – simply answer any four of the questions below (about 400 to 600 words per answer). Remember you are critiquing the research decisions and methods used in the report.

1. Evaluate the literature review conducted for this research article.

2. This article uses mixed methods. Describe the characteristics of this research design and evaluate its appropriateness. Was this design sufficient to address the research objective, or would you suggest another design?

3. Are the methods used to collect data (e.g. focus group and questionnaires) sufficiently justified and described? What further information (if any) do you require?

4. Critique the sampling strategy and respondent selection used in this study.

5. Evaluate the data analysis strategy used in the quantitative part of the research.

6. Assess the research ethics in this research project, in relation to the respondents.

7. Evaluate the report in terms of its implications for theory and for leaders.
8. Critique the outcomes of this this research article. Did the researchers’ achieve the stated research objective?

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