Business Law – Week 4 Assignment
Torts: Problem Solving

The CEO of Puppy Perfection has called you and asked you to give your opinion of the legal issues that are facing them after a recent manufacturing error. Puppy Perfection advertises that their dog food is all organic, made from free-range, antibiotic free meat products that are all from the United States (US). The US standards for meat products are significantly higher than other countries. Recently, the manufacturer accidentally mixed up their meat sources as they were creating the food and instead used meat by-products that are pumped full of chemicals. A few bags of the tainted Puppy Perfection food was sold before the company was aware of the issue. The CEO is now aware of the problem with the food. There are 1,000 bags that have been distributed to stores and 10,000 bags that are waiting to be delivered.

Address the following issues:
1) Is Puppy Perfection liable for any injuries caused by the dog food that was sold before they knew of the problem? Why or why not?
2) What should Puppy Perfection do about the food that is already in stores? Explain your answer.
3) What should Puppy Perfection do about the 10,000 bags of food that are waiting to be delivered? Explain your answer.
4) If Puppy Perfection is sued, could they then sue the manufacturing company?
5) Address the likelihood of a successful tort claim based on each of the following theories: fraud, negligence, strict liability.

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