Question: Can both quantitative and qualitative data analysis could be used together? According to Bernard and Ryan (2010, p. 1-4), qualitative and quantitative data analysis can be used together in a mixed method data analysis. For example, researchers can conduct a qualitative analysis of the qualitative information obtained to get the right presentation through quantitative processing of the research findings. In social sciences, the interpretation of the text information such as transcriptions from interviews helps to determine the accounts of the speakers of the specific themes. The interviews would be deconstructed into text to help in getting an in-depth understanding. Thus, qualitative data can be analyzed through quantitative analysis approaches. In the early 19th centuries, social scientists relied on both the qualitative and quantitative data in their research works. Most researchers argued that there was no good reason for selecting between qualitative and quantitative research methods. According to Bernard and Ryan (2010), mixed research methods is more useful than use one of the research method as it provides a better understand of the research subject. The researchers are able to corroborate the advantages of both the quantitative and qualitative research approaches while reducing the weaknesses associated with each of the research methods. Most importantly, the combined research methods create a potential of triangulation. Triangulation makes it possible to review and analyze a research question from different perspectives using different research methods (Mertens, 2014). Effective triangulation calls for proper analysis of the varied types of information including the weaknesses and strengths of the research methods. Therefore, the readings helped me to know that both qualitative and quantitative research methods can be combined together in the research process.

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