The practicum project will be a research paper (See rubric)
-Based on identification of a problem at your site, student will create a proposal for change using evidenced-based practice.
Problem at my site: Candida Auris outbreak (North Shore Medical Center – Miami)
May develop:
• Understand Candida Auris
• Testing, screening
• Transmission
• Symptoms, treatments
• Infection control
• Emphasize on hand hygiene, patient care environment, mobile equipment disinfection such as glucometers, medical computer carts or Workstation On Wheels (WOW), temperature probes, blood pressure cuffs, and crash carts.
• Patients and Healthcare employees’ education
• Preventive measures

Rubric for Scholarly Paper: Worth 20% of the Course Grade
CATEGORIES Possible Points Actual
• Topic Match Proposal 5
• Cover page 2
• Abstract/Introduction 5
• Background 5
• Aim/Purpose 10
• Review of Literature 10
• Content of scholarly paper to include Research Method 5- 7 pages of the body 10
• Implications for Nursing Practice 10
• Conclusion 5
• Reference page
4-6 Evidence-based reference 8
APA 6th Edition format 10
APA 6th Edition with appropriate in-text citation
and related graphics 10

Total 10


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