CHEM 457 Full Experiment Report Grade Sheet
Name: _______________________ Expt. # _____ Date: __________
General Guidelines:
➢ Times New Roman, 11 pt. font, and 1” inch margins are required
➢ Report should be no longer than 8 pages double-spaced (excluding title page and
➢ Proper use of the English language is required:
o Grammar
o Spelling
o Sentence Structure
o Flow/ transitions
➢ Reports are due at the beginning of lab following the week you conducted the
experiment. A 10% penalty will be incurred for each day that the report is late. Reports
that are more than five days late will receive a grade of “0.”
➢ In addition to submitting a hard copy to the TA, you must upload your report onto
CANVAS before the beginning of lab. Sample calculations and uncertainty analysis
should be submitted as a hard copy only.
➢ Please do not write for me a creative essay or sonnet. I want to see concise language.
Remember: Brevity, brevity, brevity!!!!!!!!!!!
Title Page (see example on Canvas)
➢ Your name (place an * next to your name to indicate that you are the author)
➢ Your group members’ names
➢ Lab section number
Title and Abstract (8 pts)
Title (Use format that I’ve uploaded onto Canvas)
 Title (do NOT copy the title of the experiment from the lab manual)
 Name
 Affiliation (Department, University Title, University Address)
 Date Submitted
 Date Re-submitted (if relevant)
 Number pages (bottom center)
 100 – 200 words (one paragraph)
 Statement of problem/ goal of experiment
 Brief summary of methods
CHEM 457 Full Experiment Report Grade Sheet
Name: _______________________ Expt. # _____ Date: __________
 Summary of results (including uncertainties)
 Main conclusions of experiment
Introduction (12 pts)
 Background on relevant theory
 Nature and scope of the problem you are trying to solve
 Brief description of approach for solving the problem
o The last paragraph of your introduction should provide a smooth transition into
the rest of your report. You should state the main purpose of the experiment and
briefly describe how you will achieve this purpose.
 References/In-text citations (not including your lab manual)
 No more than 2 pages long
 Important equations that will be used (should be numbered)
 Statement of any important assumptions associated with the equations
Materials and Methods (8 pts)
 Include the important details of the experimental procedure. Rather than transcribing
the procedure from the lab manual, summarize the most important points. The goal is
for someone to be able to repeat the experiment using your instructions.
 Identity of samples made and analyzed
 Chemicals used (chemical name, manufacturer, other important info., i.e. % purity)
 Instruments (manufacturer and model name)
 Special in-house apparatuses: Include labeled diagram (either drawing or photo taken in
lab: DO NOT copy from the lab manual)
 Concise (~ 1 page in length)
Results and Discussion (32 pts)
 Graphs
o Readable
o Appropriate size (data fills the entire plot)
o Correct units
o If scientific notation is necessary, use format “0E+00”
o Trendline, equation, R2 value
 Figures/Tables
o Numbered (Figure 1, Table 1, etc.)
o Captions (place directly below figures and directly above tables)
o Should be referred to by number in body of report. Example: Figure 1
shows that variable X increases linearly with variable Y.
 Important values stated
CHEM 457 Full Experiment Report Grade Sheet
Name: _______________________ Expt. # _____ Date: __________
o Uncertainties included
o Correct number of significant figures
o Correct units
o Proper format used for scientific notation
 Important equations referred to by number
 Reiterate the important results (the model you used, primary calculations, etc.)
 Interpret these results in the context of your model/theory
 Compare findings to values found in the literature
 Don’t just regurgitate information: provide insightful comments and
 Discuss the practical and/or theoretical significance of the work
 Answers to Report Questions should be incorporated into the Discussion; you
can also include answers to the In-Lab Questions if they are relevant
 Assess potential sources of error/discuss limitations of the experiment
 Suggest possible improvements and evaluate the success of the lab
Conclusion/Acknowledgements/References (8 pts)
 Summarize the results
 Summarize the significance of the results/what has been learned
 Applications and potential future work
 Acknowledge contributors to the paper using full sentences (see example on
 At least 3
 List by number
 Use American Chemical Society (ACS) format. A useful set of guidelines is found
at the following link:
Appendix (12 pts)
Sample Calculations
 One sample calculation for each calculation included in the Data Analysis section
(found in your lab manual)
 Number calculations
CHEM 457 Full Experiment Report Grade Sheet
Name: _______________________ Expt. # _____ Date: __________
 Write out the equations
 Define all variables
Uncertainty Analysis
 Propagation of error for each sample calculation (must show all work!!!!!)
 Note: Giving me Excel sheets containing your error values is not
sufficient!!! I must see the equations you used for calculating the error.
Notebook Pages (10 pts) (Due at the end of each class)
 Paraphrase the procedure and write down the details you’ll need to conduct the
experiment in lab (complete this before each lab)
 Answer in-lab questions
 Take notes on the theory included in the lab manual (before lab)
 Take notes during lab
 Record notes in ink
 Write your name and the date on each page
 Include any hand-written calculations that must be performed during lab
 Should be well-organized
Pre-Lab Quizzes (10 pts) (Due at the beginning of each class)

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