Choose a recent example of a multinational firm entering a foreign market. This can be based on one of the seminar case studies, or you can choose a different example, either from one of the lectures or your own research. • Explain the firm’s choice of entry mode(s) and their overall entry mode strategy using relevant theories and concepts from international business. ** 1. Identify and employ appropriate strategic frame works to evaluate the structures of global trade and international business. 2. Critically evaluate the impact of socio-economic, political and legal environments on international business. 3. Explain and assess the operational strategies used in international business and the importance of these strategies in global business development. 4. Analyse the differences between domestic and global business operations. **You MUST have an introduction and conclusion. These are the most important parts of the essay. 1. Introduction: What is the argument of your essay? How will your essay be structured? (What will you say?) 2. Main body: Develop your argument using paragraphs. Make points and illustrate these with examples (make sure there is enough detail to tell the story) 3. Conclusion: Summarise the main points made in the essay. Make your closing statement (what is your big idea?) **Be analytical: Don’t just tell the story (describe), but write about why things happen and what their implications are Read around the subject: Do not rely on the textbook Discuss theory: How do relevant theories relate to the case study? **Be critical as well as analytical in your writing: Discuss theory showing awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the ideas you are using Take a position and argue it convincingly, using detailed evidence to make your case: original perspectives get really high marks! Show that you have done your research thoroughly, reading beyond the textbook and ‘obvious’ sources (and using library resources) Please see all additional files that I’ll upload after ordering. There will be one example of essay which will help how to write to get high mark.

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