Course Final Project Paper
You have been hired by Evil Corp. Unlimited (ECU) to provide a proposal on how they can best
address the growing number of security concerns and network growth they are experiencing in
their Cisco-only enterprise network environment. ECU is a growing corporation with 150
employees, a Headquarters Office (HQ), and a single Remote Office (RO) facility. Your task
will be to evaluate the ECU network environment and then to compose a proposal paper in which
you will articulate your recommendations to help them secure their Cisco network. Here is a
high-level diagram of the current ECU network:
In response to your initial security questionnaire, on which you will base the writing of your
proposal, ECU has responded with the following feedback:
• ECU currently using Type 7 passwords for all network administration accounts, the
console and VTY lines, and the enable password
• ECU has no logging configured on any of their network devices
• ECU is accessing all the devices via TELNET
• All network administration accounts are local accounts and are configured with privilege
level 15
• IOS files on the routers and switches are constantly being removed accidentally by junior
network administrators practicing for their CCNA exam
• ECU is currently finding out about network outages from customers not having access to
the corporate web site
• ECU is using OSPF for their IGP. Every router has the following statement configured
for OSPF to be enabled: network area 0 and no authentication is in use
• ECU uses BGP for their Internet peering with Verizon and only has a single neighbor
statement and a single network statement configured.
• The ECU firewall has ‘any any’ rules in both the INBOUND and OUTBOUND direction
• There is a need to provide additional security on the DMZ router to inspect packets and to
provide firewall functionality
• All access layer switches, with the exception of VLANs and access ports being created,
have all the default settings in both the global configuration and on host ports
• ECU has no security policy of any kind because they are too busy dealing with security
breaches and will need a comprehensive security policy provided as part of this proposal
• There is no remote access from the RO, but RO users need access to HQ resources in a
secure fashion
• All routers and switches at the HQ location are located in the company kitchen area
• The company only needs to allow inbound 80 and 443 for access to its web servers.
• DHCP is being used for all corporate users, but the only configuration that has been
accomplished has been the DHCP pools on the routers
• All Spanning Tree settings are the Cisco defaults
• The company currently allows everything outbound and would like some guidance
• Remote ECU employees have no way to access corporate resources and need this issue
Your task for the Course Final Project Paper is to produce a proposal for ECU with your
solution to the aforementioned challenges in their environment. At a minimum your proposal
needs to meet the following criteria:
• A title page
• A “running head”
• An abstract (150 words or less)
• A table of contents
• A reference section
• Remember to use double-spacing (including references), a 1″ margin on all sides, and the
Times New Roman 12-point font
• The title page, abstract, references, and all tables and figures/network diagrams should be
on their own individual pages and the length of your paper should be between 7-10 pages
inclusive of the title page, abstract, references, and all tables.
• Carefully write your proposal so paragraphs naturally flow from one to the other
• Remember that your paper is being evaluated based on:
o How well you use the course literature in designing and carrying out your
o The logic, justification for, and structure of your proposal
o How realistic what you propose is (could it actually be implemented)
o How creative your solution is given the topology
o The likelihood that your proposal would really have an impact/resolve their issues
o Ways in which you will insure the proposal will be carried out as planned
o Your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposal once implemented
o The references — relevance, quality, and appropriate usage; and,
o Writing quality and overall presentation
o ***There should NOT be a single IOS CLI command in your paper!***
The rubric for your Course Final Project Paper can be seen below:

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