1.) Essay only needs REVISION and sentences need to have excellent sentence structure.

2.) Essay is only 1 or a little over 1 page. ONLY 350-400 words! 4 paragraphs!

3.) Essay is Argumentative. My essay needs to make the reader understands my point of view of why College students should enroll in community college than universities. I have all my reasoning, but I just need it to be revised.

4.) In the Argumentative Essay file, I have attached my original essay. My main points/reasoning, introduction, conclusion, and two body paragraphs just needs to be REVISED (do not want my essay to have different main points or a whole different essay; My essay only needs to be Revised!) For example, the Essays reasoning needs to be more clear. My teacher wants me to get to the point; for instance, she does not want circular reasoning!

5.) In the annotated Argumentative Essay file, is my Professors feedback. I need to correct all her suggestions. She clearly stated that correcting only her feedback is not called Revision! Revision needs to transform my essay into a college, professional, and outstanding essay.

6.) Last file is Argument Essay outline, the online is there for you to make sure the essay is aligned with the outline. If the Essay does not match the Outline the student will get a automatic F on the revision project.

Please follow the instructions and help me get a A! I will fail my class if I get anything below a A on this assignment.

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