Respond to one of the following prompts in a 5-page essay (in MLA format). Be sure to include apt examples from the readings, including direct quotations, to illustrate your ideas.

Compare Jorge Luis Borges’s Minotaur with Shakespeare’s Hamlet to determine the type of existential questions and observations that emerge in the modern period. How do these characters respond to a world that seems to lack a clear meaning or a divine order?

Both Hamlet and Telemachus find themselves in similar circumstances at the beginning of their respective stories. Both are young men coming into being in an environment that deprives them of power and control. Compare these characters in order to determine why one ultimately succeeds in their journey toward self-actualization while the other one fails. What type of social order does The Odyssey promote as the best and/or most natural form of social rule? How does the poem advance its view on this topic?

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