Comprehensive Sales Project 3

Comprehensive Sales Project 3
For this Comprehensive Sales Project 3, you will select, analyze and evaluate any for-profit company that sells product(s) or provides service(s).
Assignment Instructions
Select the company that you would like to research. Please select a for-profit organization that sells a product(s) or service(s). You may research your own business or a company that you are employed with.
Complete the Company Sales Project meeting these guidelines:
1. Provide an analysis of the company’s financial data and profits from the last three years. You should be very specific. For example: you may include a financial analysis based on sales revenue (including the years 2020, 2021 and 2022) by product or service and net profit results for each year. In addition, provide product/ service(s) segment and geographic area if this information is applicable. Note that all financial information may be found in the annual report.
2. Identify and evaluate sales trends and some possible causes for these trends.
3. Describe the product or services offered and sold.
4. Identify and discuss company’s sales department or team?
o In your opinion is this a successful department or team?
o Why?
o What are the characteristics?
5. Analyze the company’s product or segment line structure?
6. Identify and discuss the company’s geographic area(s)?
7. What kind of markets does the company target?
8. Identify and describe the company’s marketing strategy?
9. Discuss the company’s sales model? Does the company use a sales model? For example: 5-P Sales, Relationship Sales, Personality Styles Sales, Presentation Based, Problem Solving Sales, Value-Added Sales or Closing Model.
10. Does the company use single or multiple sales channels?
11. Identify and discuss the company’s sales strategy.
12. Provide any additional information that you may consider important.
1. Follow the APA style. Visit: APA Quick Reference Guide.
2. Follow the sentence guidelines and requirements mentioned above. Your submission should contain 1000- 1200 words.
3. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
4. Use Microsoft Word format.
5. Use double spacing and 12p font size.
6. Submit by the due date and time. Any late assignment will be subject to a letter grade reduction unless an extension has been negotiated with the professor prior to the due date.


For financial data analysis, it is important to gather relevant information from the company’s annual reports or other publicly available sources. Use charts or tables to present the data clearly and provide a detailed explanation of the findings.

For sales trends analysis, compare the sales revenue and net profit results of the company for the last three years and identify any upward or downward trends. Consider possible reasons for these trends, such as changes in the market, competition, and company initiatives.

When describing the products or services offered, include details such as their features, benefits, and target market.

When evaluating the sales department or team, consider factors such as its size, structure, and responsibilities. Offer your personal opinion on whether you consider it to be successful or not and provide reasons for this.

The product line structure analysis should consider the different product categories offered by the company and how they relate to each other.

When discussing the company’s geographic area(s), consider factors such as market size, competition, and customer demographics.

When identifying the target markets, consider the specific groups of customers the company is trying to reach and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

The marketing strategy analysis should include a description of the company’s promotional activities, such as advertising, sales promotions, and public relations.

When discussing the sales model, consider whether the company uses a specific sales approach, such as relationship-based, presentation-based, or value-added sales.

Identify whether the company uses a single or multiple sales channels and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

The sales strategy analysis should include a description of how the company plans and executes its sales activities.

In the final section, include any additional information that you consider important and relevant to the analysis.

Remember to follow the APA style, use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and submit the assignment within the specified word count and font size requirements.

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