SOC200 Social Science Research Methods Research Proposal Part I: Annotated Bibliography & Introductory Outline Objective: To begin the process of writing a full-fledged APA style research paper and proposal. The overall purpose of this research proposal is to summarize a research topic that interests you and to propose new research based off your summary. You will be required to write a manuscript-style paper in APA format (i.e., your paper will be formatted similarly to the journal articles that you read). It will have a title page, abstract, introduction, methods, expected results, and references section. You will submit this assignment in three parts, but it is considered one paper. This means that you can use your work that you submitted in Research Proposal (Part I) in Parts II and III (after incorporating my comments of course!) For Part I, you are going research at least three peer-reviewed scholarly articles and summarize them by creating an annotated bibliography. You will also outline your introduction of your proposal. Instructions: A bibliography is a list of scholarly sources used to research a topic. In APA format, it is synonymous to your references page. An annotated bibliography is a summary of each source in your research proposal. For this assignment, you are to create an annotated bibliography using at least three (3) sources. Each annotation should be roughly one page (totaling 3 pages) and should start with the proper citation followed by your summary. Please see the template format below for your reference. This annotated bibliography will be the basis for your introduction to your research proposal. You can even use your same annotations as the text to your introduction, although you will need to ensure that your introduction flows seamlessly. 1. Using the Lynn University Library Database: Academic Search Ultimate, search for a research topic that genuinely interests you. Find and read up to 3 scholarly articles/books chapters that you will use to create your annotated bibliography. (Note: You will be required to have at least 6 scholarly sources for your final project; if you want to gather all 6 sources at this point, you can.) a. Feel free to use the document entitled, How to Read a Scientific Article (see Canvas) to help you learn how to read scholarly articles efficiently. 2. Write an annotated bibliography with an annotation for each of your sources. Each annotation should be about one page in- length. See the format below. 3. Create an outline for your introduction. Use your annotated bibliography as guidance. See an example outline that I use when writing below.


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