Correlation between social media type and nationality

Social media types such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Skype, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Yahoo, We Chat, Imo, BBM, Viber and many more have no doubt made communication and interactions easier, reducing the world into a global village. With the immense growth of social media users. There is a great need, particularly, for businesses operating globally to access the use of different social media types in different nationalities. This will help them discover the best marketing sites where they can connect with their target audience.

Different countries have different social media usage trends. Sweden, Netherlands, and Australia are the biggest social media consumers followed closely by the United States and CANADA. In the United States of America, the largest social media users are below 35 years. Most millennials have signed up for close to nine social media sites. They use at least five of them every day.

In other countries such as Ethiopia, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, social media is banned and there is no access to some social media sites. This is majorly done to restrict children from accessing toxic content and limiting the sharing of political and religious norms that are against those of the country. In Saudi Arabia for instance, any journalist found publicizing content that is against Islamic beliefs is arrested.

China also has banned the use of most social media platforms apart from Twitter and Facebook. They mostly advocate for the use of social media sites that are founded in China. Conglomerate Tencent is one of the founders of social media sites that are widely followed in China such as Messaging App, Blogging Platform Qzone and Tencent Weibo.

In Japan, 66% of the population uses social media. Face book penetration is at 17%.  A survey conducted by Fast Ask indicated that Line is widely used, followed by twitter. It also revealed that 42% of the entire social media users had used their accounts for the last month.  Most users are below the age of 35.

Facebook is widely used in India with 94% usage across the country. The paid brand engagement rate is quite high. Twitter and Google+ are also widely used in the country. In the Asia Pacific Nations, 78% population is on social media. According to Bloomberg, Facebook was widely in January 2017. Sites such as What App, Twitter and Google+ that are widely used in Europe are not very popular in Asia Pacific countries. Germany has low social media usage due to some historical and societal norms.


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