Create a 2-4 page annotated bibliography and summary based on your research related to best practices addressing one of the health care problems or issues in the Assessment Online Write My Essay For Me Help From The Best Academic Writing Website – Topic Areas media piece faced by a health care organization that is of interest to you

Health care organizations often face a variety of problems and issues that can have a significant impact on their operations and the quality of care they provide to patients. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of the major issues facing many health care organizations today is the challenge of reducing the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). HAIs are a major public health problem and can cause significant harm to patients, as well as increase health care costs.

The following annotated bibliography and summary provide an overview of the best practices for addressing HAIs in health care organizations, as well as some of the challenges and considerations involved in implementing these practices.

Annotated Bibliography – Homework Help With Writing Assignment – Bibliography:

Anderson, D. J., Podgorny, K., & Weber, D. J. (2010). Healthcare-associated infections: a meta-analysis of costs and financial impact on the US healthcare system. Journal of the American Medical Association, 304(8), 875-881.
This study provides an overview of the costs associated with HAIs and the financial impact that these infections have on the US healthcare system. The authors conducted a meta-analysis of existing studies on the topic and found that the costs of HAIs are significant, with estimates ranging from $28.4 billion to $45 billion per year. The authors also found that the financial impact of HAIs is felt by a variety of stakeholders, including health care organizations, patients, and payers.

Larson, E. L. (2015). The role of the environment in health care-associated infections. American Journal of Infection Control, 43(3), S24-S29.
This article provides a comprehensive overview of the role that the environment plays in the spread of HAIs. The author discusses the various factors that can contribute to the spread of infections, including the design and layout of health care facilities, the use of medical equipment and supplies, and the presence of environmental contaminants. The author also provides recommendations for reducing the spread of infections, including implementing effective cleaning and disinfection procedures, improving hand hygiene practices, and using evidence-based design principles to minimize the spread of infections in health care facilities.

Boyce, J. M., & Pittet, D. (2002). Write My Essay Today: No1 Essay Writing Service AU for Your Academic Papers – Guideline for hand hygiene in health-care settings. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 51(RR16), 1-44.
This guideline provides recommendations for hand hygiene in health care settings, with a focus on reducing the spread of HAIs. The authors provide a comprehensive overview of the evidence on the effectiveness of different hand hygiene practices, including the use of soap and water, alcohol-based hand rubs, and other disinfectants. The authors also provide recommendations for implementing effective hand hygiene programs in health care organizations, including training and education for health care workers, monitoring and evaluating hand hygiene practices, and providing incentives for compliance.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2019). Prevention strategies for health care-associated infections.
This resource provides a comprehensive overview of the strategies that health care organizations can use to reduce the spread of HAIs. The CDC provides recommendations for a variety of areas, including hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and disinfection, infection prevention and control programs, and

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