Crime and law research paper topics

Gun Violence Challenges in Contemporary Society

I want you to describe some of the current gun violence challenges plaguing our society. For example, you can examine the recent mass shootings in New York or Texas. Another option might be to focus on gun laws in the United States compared to overseas. Whatever you decide, your paper needs to include the following: […]

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The Complex Dynamics of Plea Bargaining in the Criminal Justice System

Due to the excessive criminal court caseloads, plea bargaining is often used. What are the pros and cons of plea bargaining? What are the roles of the prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, and victim in the plea negotiation? Is plea bargaining over-used in our CJ system? Should we continue to allow plea deals for repeat offenders? […]

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Comparative Study on the Constitutional Amendment Procedures between China and Australia

Research Paper • Due 29 MARCH, 16:00pm • 4500 words, which does not include the ‘Bibliography’ (which is required) but includes footnotes! • References Format:AGLC •More than 25 references • The topic is ‘Comparative Study on the Constitutional Amendment Procedures between China and Australia’ Introduction Constitutional amendment procedures are fundamental processes in any democratic country. […]

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CMRJ 316 PRISIONERS. Describe and explain the unique challenges associated with the increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and other extremist groups. Develop a plausible approach that prison administrators could implement in tackling some of the most significant challenges. Each student submission to the assignment must be a minimum of 3 full pages with […]

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Paper 1: Mexico

Meet Your Instructor Messages Announcements APA Help Writing Help My Grades Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Focus Paper 1: Mexico Focus Paper 2: Saudi Arabia Focus Paper 3: Japan Exam 1 Exam 2 Discussion Board Course Web Links Sammy Kim confessed to (and truly committed) purse […]

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A Custom Essay Writing Services Guide for Students Online Searches

Medical Essay Writing Service in UK Custom Law Research Paper Writing Service Law Essay Writing Service Law Research Paper Writing Help PhD Law Writers essay writing service uk free plagiarism essay writing service university essay writing service usa essay writing service usa UK How to write an essay/assignment? Tips for writing an A-grade assignment Best […]

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