Your research foci will be interpersonal communication styles, nonverbal communication, child/parent interaction, and parent/Speech Language Pathologist interaction, and significant elements in their culture that you believe an Speech Language Pathologist should be aware of before working with clients and/or their families from this culture. Such important elements could be significant points in history that have shaped this culture’s worldview, food prohibitions, cultural artifacts like clothing items, resources in the home languages of the clients/families, phonological similarities/differences, cultural views toward communication disorders, etc . In addition to cultural sources you find online, you will be expected to interview at least one member of this culture.

This person can be a friend, a roommate, an acquaintance, a neighbor, a community leader or other member of the target culture. The cultural informant can also be a person you are interacting with on a language learning app. Interviews can be done in person, by phone, online, or on social media. From this research, you will create a 5-page briefing report for Speech Language Pathologist who are unfamiliar with the culture. After the cover page in APA format, discuss important elements of the culture that an Speech Language Pathologist should know on pages 1-3. On page 4, discuss two adaptations you can make for your client and/or their family based on your knowledge of the culture discussed in pages 1-3. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE PARAPHRASED. The interview portion of the paper can be made up! The person being interviewed can be my sister in law her name is Lianette. The interview should consist of questions based on the Cuban culture, also including her personal feelings about speech language and communication disorders. (remember this can all be made up).

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