CYBERLAWS & ETHICAL HACKING. Enumeration is the most aggressive of the information-gathering processes in any attack. During enumeration, an attacker determines which systems are worth attacking by determining the value a system possesses. Enumeration takes the information that an attacker has already carefully gathered and attempts to extract information about the exact nature of the system itself.

Answer the following question(s):

1. If you were an IT security manager, what would you include in your security policy regarding enumeration?

2. If you worked as an attorney in the Legal department, would you want different language in the security policy? Why or why not?

Fully address the question(s) in this task in one page; provide valid rationale for your choices.

As an IT security manager, I would include the following guidelines in the security policy regarding enumeration:
a) Limit access to sensitive information: Restrict access to sensitive information that could help an attacker during enumeration. This includes system configuration files, network topology, and user accounts.

b) Monitor network traffic: Monitor network traffic to detect and prevent any unauthorized enumeration attempts. Network monitoring tools can be used to detect and alert on suspicious activity.

c) Use strong passwords: Ensure that all user accounts have strong passwords and require users to change their passwords regularly.

d) Regularly update and patch systems: Keep systems updated with the latest security patches to prevent attackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities.

e) Implement access controls: Use access controls such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and antivirus software to limit an attacker’s ability to move laterally and access other systems.

As an attorney in the Legal department, I would want language in the security policy that emphasizes the importance of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This would ensure that the company is meeting its legal obligations and protecting against potential legal liability. Additionally, I would want to ensure that the policy clearly defines the consequences of violating the policy, including potential legal consequences. It is essential to establish clear guidelines and procedures for responding to security incidents and reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities. This can help reduce the risk of legal liability and provide a framework for responding to security incidents in a timely and effective manner.
Overall, it is important to balance security measures with legal and ethical considerations. As such, a comprehensive security policy should be developed in consultation with IT security professionals, legal counsel, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that it effectively addresses the specific risks and legal requirements of the organization.

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