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Internet Data Analysis for Business

Internet Data Analysis for Business
The company has the goals which are intended to be achieved through a well-laid plan. The technologies involved in the process that guides the attainment of the goals are some of the determinant factors for the success of the business. The goals are mainly aimed at profit maximization and improving the relationship of the suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. The process of integration of the goals into workable solutions involves the use of new methods and technologies of the operating business. The objectives include: To increase the sales of the company, to explore new customer segments, to integrate new methods of marketing, to improve communication internally and among shareholders, to improve the satisfaction of the customers, to improve the relationship of the suppliers.
The action plan for achieving the objectives is developed by bringing together a number of shareholders. The workers, suppliers, members of the board are engaged in developing the plan. The action plan is developed by considering the description of the plan, the scope of the goals that are to be implemented, the resources that are available among other factors. Other factors that should be implemented in developing the action plan include the period in which the goals are to be implemented. The management of the business should lead in implementing the plans. The plan should also contain the mechanism to measure the success of the goals which were set. The risk issues that are involved in implementing the goals are also included in the plan.
The company has been registering improvement in sales for the last 12 months and hence the future of the company is promising. It is projected that the sales will continue to increase in near future. Therefore the goals that were set are more likely to be attained based on the previous record of the company. Other factors include the integration of technology in customer service and chain supply management.
The strategic goals are to be achieved within a period of 12 months. The progress of achieving the goals should be monitored from time to time to ensure that the goals are attained. Measurable techniques are used to monitor the progress of the goals. Once the goals are achieved, the success is measured considering the revenue that is generated by the business within the period. The definite period of achieving the goals should be outlined and the roles of the driving forces towards the achievement are also defined. The estimated budget allocation is $100000; the resources are to be distributed in all the goals to ensure that all the goals are attained simultaneously. Each goal empowers the other toward realising the success of the business.
The four conversion goals to be implemented through Google analytics include an to increase in sales, to integrate new marketing approaches, to improve customer relationships, and to create a stronger relationships with the suppliers. The goals are critical in determining the success of the business.
The track record obtained after the creation was UA-132990321-1. The URL that was obtained using the UTM link builder is as follows:

The dashboards are used in monitoring the progress goals which are set and determine a well-outlined procedure for achieving the goals.

Comparison between the metrics and analytics intelligence can help to track the progress of the goals that are set and helps in keeping the track of all records. Analytics intelligent is a better approach due to the tools that are used.

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