Depression. (I need all of these three)  thesis statement due 8 March.  Annotated bibliography due 23 March.  Draft due 4 Apr.  Minimum 1,500 words  Minimum five external sources  Bibliography – Homework Help With Writing Assignment – Bibliography (annotated)  In-text citations referencing Dissertations, Research Papers & Essay Writing Services by Unemployed Professors Experts Online – Works Cited Page  12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced (I chose topic “Depression” and, professor recommend me to read about the literary work of Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop as the paper must contain literature sources) You may write about anything containing a literary component. In other words, write about an author; or about a person, place, process or event about which a book has been written. You could compare biographies of a literary person for example. Your paper must be about fiction, poetry, or drama, and must contain analysis rather than plot summary. You could choose a theme, such as love, hate, death, joy, sorrow, greed or generosity. You may write one of the following kinds of essays: Illustration – writing that shows examples. How did a certain author handle the primary images in his/her work? Description – experiences of another person, place, thing, event, or idea. Process Analysis – how to do something; arranges steps in order, explains the steps in detail. This writing solves problems, or explains how someone else did. How did Shakespeare construct his sonnets? What method did he use? Or, how did he use his stage? What were the advantage and disadvantages? Classification—organizes people, things, ideas, and/or events into categories. Writing about Picasso’s various “periods” would be an example of this. Definition—explains what a term of concept means. What did “women’s liberation” mean to women in the 1960s and “suffrage” to women in the 1920s? Find some essays from these periods and write about them. Compare and Contrast – explains the similarities and differences between persons, ideas, or events. Organized by the point-to-point method or the block method, depending on the subject matter. An early comedy compared to a late comedy by Shakespeare would work here, or an analysis of Hamlet’s character with Horatio’s, or Ophelia with Desdemona. Cause and Effect – explains reasons and/or results. Two authors might have wildly differing opinions on climate change. What causes does each use, and what are the consequences of those causes? Argument/Persuasive – takes a stand on an issue and offers reasons and supporting evidence to convince another to accept or consider taking that position. Take a stand on the philosophies of Malcolm X, for example, using arguments from both sides to sway your reader.

The topic of depression is a complex and multifaceted issue that has been explored in literature throughout the ages. In this paper, I will focus on the literary works of Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop, and analyze how they each depict the theme of depression in their poetry. I will explore the different ways in which they use language, imagery, and metaphor to convey the experience of depression, and compare and contrast their approaches to the topic.

The thesis statement of the paper is: The poetry of Sylvia Plath and Elizabeth Bishop provide a unique insight into the theme of depression, as they each use different literary techniques to convey the experience of mental illness in a powerful and evocative way.

Annotated Bibliography – Homework Help With Writing Assignment – Bibliography:
Plath, Sylvia. “The Bell Jar.” Harper Perennial, 1971.
Bishop, Elizabeth. “Poems.” Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2011.
Wagner-Martin, Linda. “Sylvia Plath: A Literary Life.” Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
Kroll, Judith. “Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It.” University of California Press, 1993.
Middlebrook, Diane Wood. “Her Husband: Hughes and Plath – A Marriage.” Viking, 2003.
The above sources will be used in the paper to provide background information on the authors and their literary works, as well as to support the analysis of the theme of depression in their poetry.
The paper will be written in an analytical style, using evidence from the literature and critical sources to support the argument. The paper will be 1,500 words in length, 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, and will include in-text citations and a Dissertations, Research Papers & Essay Writing Services by Unemployed Professors Experts Online – Works Cited page. The paper will be due on April 4th.

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