Art Discussion 5/6/19 250 words

Describe the defining elements and techniques of Impressionism. Use specific works of art and pertinent terms in your answer.

Art Peer Response: 150 words 5/6/19

Art Peer Response : 150 words 5/6/19

Bio Prompt: 200 words 5/8/19

Science and medicine progress by coming across new explanations to old questions and finding novel solutions and treatments to cure diseases. One such advance is CAR T-cell therapy to treat leukemia (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. It depends on the ability to genetically engineer chimeric T-cell receptors on a patient’s own T-cell population. The engineered T-cell receptor targets a particular cancer antigen (cell surface receptor) and kills the cancer cells. Discuss the approach and success of this new cancer treatment in infants (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. In your discussion, evaluate how much an improvement over existing treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) are claimed and how these improvements compare to the known downside of unleashing a hyper-activated immune cell population in a patient.

Peer Response: 150 words 5/9/10

Bio Questions Ch 17: 5/8/19

1. The complement system supplements the inflammatory response by directly killing microorganisms. Describe the life cycle of complement proteins, from their synthesis in the liver to their activity in the site of an infection.

2. Distinguish between antibody-mediated immunity and cell mediated immunity. What components are involved in each?

3. Describe the genetic basis of antibody diversity.

4. Why can someone with blood type AB receive blood of any type? Why can an individual with blood type O donate blood to anyone?

Bio questions Ch 18: 5/9/19

1. One of the models for behavioral traits in humans involves a form of interaction known as epistasis. What is epistasis?

2. List the steps involved in transmitting a nerve impulse from one neuron to another.

3. A pedigree analysis was performed on the family of a man with schizophrenia. Based on the known concordance statistics, would his MZ twin be at high risk for the disease? Would the twin’s risk decrease if he were raised in an environment different from that of his schizophrenic brother?

4. Of the following, which does not support the idea that alcoholism is genetic?

a) Some strains of mice select alcohol over water 75% of the time, whereas others shun alcohol.

b) The concordance value is 55% for MZ twins and 28% for DZ twins.

c) Biological sons of alcoholic men who have been adopted have a rate of alcoholism more like that of their adoptive fathers.

d) There is a 20% to 25% risk of alcoholism in the sons of alcoholic men.

e) None of these.

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