Discussion week1:Chapter 1.I think most of Americans have the full confidence in what the federal government does. They remote from the people and spends money than it takes from the government. The government have six meaning of democracy: Politics Government Democracy Direct democracy Representative democracy and Republic. The democracy is government by the people it could also means direct democracy. Chapter 2The goal of the American Revolution was liberty. The rebellion was the first and the clearest. American experience since 1977 as well as the history of British Government led the framers to doubt whether popular consent alone be a sufficient. Discussion week 2Civil liberties are limitation placed by the constitution on what powers government can exercise over people. The right of people accused of a crime have been broadened with the exception of people labeled as terrorist. As we discuss in class in my opinion we all need to fight terrorist and protect our country Discussion week 4Federalism is a political system in which ultimate authority is shared between a central government and state or regional government. Since they refers to a political in which local( territorial regional provincial state or municipal.

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