Dissertation Writing Service FAQ

Dissertation Writing Service FAQ.

What are the benefits of using your dissertation writing service?

With the help of our USA and UK-based academic advisors, writing a dissertation is no longer a daunting task. A mentor will be assigned to coach you through the entire dissertation writing process, utilizing their expertise and knowledge to guide you in writing a high-quality dissertation. This hands-on support and model dissertation examples that can be purchased allow students to better understand the expectations and requirements for a successful dissertation. As a result of this personalized assistance, students report increased confidence in their ability and improved scores on their completed dissertations. The coaching process helps demystify the dissertation, clarifying expectations and requirements, which has been shown to reduce student stress levels during the dissertation writing phase. With that, engaging dissertation advisors and model examples provides students with an insightful learning experience to facilitate dissertation success.

Do you want to know how this dissertation writing service operates?

Using this dissertation writing service is a collaborative effort. Your academic mentor will work closely with you to guide you through each step of the process, generating a high-quality model dissertation. This will allow you and your mentor to engage in an ongoing dialogue where you can both ask questions, receive answers, provide comments and contribute your own insights on the sections as they are written. Once you are satisfied with the final product, the completed model dissertation will be provided for your use. Working together in this way helps ensure the dissertation meets the highest academic standards while also incorporating your unique perspective and interests.

There is a scholar working on my dissertation that I’d like to speak to directly.

Definitely, speaking directly with your assigned professor can be really beneficial when working on a long-term project like a dissertation. The Consultation Call upgrade option that is included when placing an order allows for a 30-minute phone call with the academic consultant assigned to your project, which provides a great opportunity to discuss your work, ask questions, and get feedback directly from an expert. Academic consultants are always happy to schedule additional phone calls as needed to support you through the completion of your work. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Are there any drawbacks to focusing on an extremely narrow area of study for my dissertation?

Over many years, we have developed a vast network of academic experts and mentors to support students no matter how specialized or complex their research topics may be. Ranging from the sciences like actuarial studies and veterinary dentistry to fields like naval architecture, there is no theme or academic discipline that falls outside our scope of expertise. Through this expansive collection of scholars, we aim to be a reliable resource for any student seeking guidance on the content of their dissertation or other research projects. Through leveraging our network of mentors, students can quickly receive insightful feedback tailored to their unique research questions – no formal consultation request is needed. Recent studies have shown the benefits of personalized academic support in increasing student confidence and the quality of research outcomes. With over a decade of experience in connecting students with specialists, we remain committed to supporting specialized and interdisciplinary research.

Is it cheating to use your dissertation writing service?
Some key points:
Fair use policies aim to support learning, not enable deception. Strict adherence protects all parties.
Quality varies greatly between providers. Careful evaluation of a source’s standards, credentials, and client reviews helps ensure the best fit and outcome.
Personal growth stems from independent analysis and expression, not passively submitting others’ work. Model dissertations instead serve as reference material to deepen understanding at one’s own pace.
Comprehension and writing are lifelong endeavors. Seeking periodic guidance from experienced tutors and instructors can reinforce concepts and highlight areas for continued focus.
In all, a balanced approach respects academic integrity while supporting students’ academic and professional development. With proper use and oversight, exemplar materials need not undermine original contributions or defeat the purpose of research and scholarship. The key lies in discerning what specifically enhances one’s own learning experience.
As such, If you use our service in accordance with our Fair Use Policy, you’re not cheating. Many organizations offer to write your dissertation for you (sometimes to a subpar standard), but we offer the best model dissertations. Although it will be 100% original and written just like a student would, it is not meant for you to submit as your own work. Your personal comprehension and writing abilities can be considerably improved by using it.

Let me know if you can assist me with editing my dissertation.

Definitely. We offer dissertation proofreading and editing services to ensure that your dissertation is error-free and ready for submission. We also provide academic paper editing services if you’d want to take your dissertation to the next level.

Please let me know when the final exam for this semester is.

The Graduate School does not impose a deadline for a successful defense, but the committee-approved dissertation, thesis, or report can only be submitted once the defense has been successful. A graduate student may defend their work when their committee agrees it is ready for presentation, at which point the student will present their work and undergo questioning to determine if the defense was successful and the work can be submitted.
Notes regarding the defense process:
The defense is a formal examination of the student’s research/scholarly work by the committee overseeing the project. The committee evaluates the scholarly merit and rigor of the work.
Committees generally provide feedback and suggestions for improvements during the development of the work to help ensure it will meet standards for a successful defense by the time of presentation.
While there is no imposed deadline, it is recommended that students defend with enough time before degree conferral dates to allow for any revisions required by the committee post-defense.
Defenses are generally open to other faculty and students but the questioning and evaluation of the student is private between the student and committee members.

How soon can I begin working on my thesis?

The criteria for each program are different. Some programs allow students to enroll once they have finished all MA prerequisites and submitted a concept paper that has been accepted by the program’s faculty. After completing all three years of study, students can apply to write their dissertation after submitting a concept paper that has been approved by their supervisor.
Additional requirements include a 3.0 GPA with no failing grades on the transcript, as well as satisfactory financial standing with the Business Office, to be considered for admission. Students can register for dissertation writing four times a year: in the fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters, with the specific registration date adapted to the program and track..
Ask the research professor if the idea paper and the approval form have been submitted to the Dissertation Office. At least three or four weeks before class begins, mail the registration form to the Dissertation Office for processing. Registration forms should be sent at least six weeks in advance for students relying on financial help.

How long is a dissertation proposal?

The length of a dissertation proposal can vary depending on the specific requirements set by your academic institution and your field of study. However, a typical dissertation proposal is often around 10-15 pages in length, although it can be shorter or longer based on the guidelines provided by your university or department.
A breakdown of sections you might include in a dissertation proposal:
Title Page: This typically includes the title of your proposed dissertation, your name, your advisor’s name, the date, and other relevant information.
Introduction: This section provides an introduction to your research topic, the context in which it is situated, and the research question or problem you aim to address.
Literature Review: Discuss the relevant literature and previous research in your field, highlighting the gaps in knowledge that your dissertation will address.
Research Objectives or Hypotheses: Clearly state the research objectives or hypotheses that you plan to investigate in your dissertation.
Methodology: Explain the research methods and techniques you intend to use to collect and analyze data. Discuss the rationale for choosing these methods.
Data Collection: Describe the sources of data, such as surveys, interviews, experiments, or archival research, and provide details on how you plan to access and gather the data.
Data Analysis: Explain how you intend to analyze the data and any statistical or analytical techniques you will use.
Significance and Contributions: Discuss the potential contributions of your research to your field of study and its broader implications.
Timeline: Provide a tentative timeline for completing different phases of your dissertation research and writing.
References: List the academic sources and references you have consulted so far in preparing your proposal.

Is a thesis paper the same as a dissertation?

While a thesis and dissertation serve similar purposes in demonstrating a student’s research abilities, there are some key differences between the two types of academic papers.
To directly address your question – no, in the discussion; dissertation vs thesis, a thesis paper and dissertation are not exactly the same. Let me explore the distinctions further:
The level of degree helps determine whether a student will complete a thesis or dissertation. Generally, a thesis is written to fulfill requirements for a master’s degree, while a dissertation is written at the doctoral level.

In terms of scope, a dissertation represents a more substantial body of original research. It builds upon the existing literature to advance knowledge or understanding in the field. A dissertation usually takes longer to complete as a result of the more in-depth analysis and investigation involved.
The structure of the two papers also differs somewhat. A dissertation will contain additional chapters that provide essential background information to situate the research problem and justify the study’s significance. It relies more heavily on primary sources to develop an original theoretical or methodological framework.
To summarize, while both a thesis and dissertation require rigorous research and scholarly writing, a dissertation is distinguished by its greater depth, length, and contribution of new knowledge at the doctoral level of study. The goal is a highly specialized work that opens up new areas for future research.

The standard structure for a master’s thesis typically involves 3-5 chapters (1). This allows an appropriate level of depth and analysis for the work, while keeping the overall scope manageable.
The specific number and content of chapters can vary depending on the guidelines of your institution and discipline. However, here is a common framework:
Chapter 1: Introduction – Provides an overview of the topic, states the research problem/question, outlines objectives and significance.
Chapter 2: Literature Review Writing – Critically analyzes and synthesizes previous scholarly work relevant to the topic. Establishes the theoretical framework.
Chapter 3: Methodology – Details the research design, methods, procedures for data collection and analysis.
Chapter 4: Findings – Presents the results or outcomes of the study without interpretation. May include tables/figures.
Chapter 5: Discussion/Conclusion – Interprets and discusses the findings in relation to the research question/objectives and literature. Summarizes limitations and contributions. Suggests areas for future research.
References – Comprehensive list of all sources cited formatted per your style guide (e.g. APA).
The number and labeling of chapters may vary, such as splitting findings and discussion into separate chapters. It’s best to confirm specific requirements with your advisor. I hope this overview provides a helpful starting point as you structure your thesis. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

Are there any specific guidelines for the title page? What are the guidelines of writing title of the dissertation? What should a dissertation title page include?

In order to meet these standards, you should be prepared to submit a title page in advance that includes the title, your official name, the proper title (dissertation or thesis), and personal information including your degree, major, and year of conferral. If you’re applying for a position, you should also mention the name and title of your adviser and/or committee members, as well as your location.

What are the abstract’s requirements?

Ideally, the abstract should be no more than two pages long. A simple summary of your thesis, what you accomplished, how you did it, and a very brief discussion of your findings should be included in the abstract.

What are the table of contents requirements?

Including the title page, abstract, or any other portion of the thesis prior to a table of contents is not appropriate for a table of contents. The glossary, reference list, and any appendices that follow the main body of the document should all be clearly labeled.

What will happen to the copyright of my thesis when it is completed?

Copyright for a thesis often belongs to the student who wrote it. In virtually all cases, your university will allow you to utilize your thesis in a non-commercial capacity. For the most part, this entails the right to retain copies of the thesis in physical copy or digital form for the purposes of research and teaching.
As the copyright owner, you will retain most rights over how your thesis can be used. This includes the right to make copies for your own personal or educational use. It can also be used for purposes like inclusion in a teaching portfolio or job application.
Your university will usually require you to grant a non-exclusive license to allow your thesis to be stored in their institutional repository so that it can be accessed by other researchers. However, you still maintain your copyright.
If you wish to publish part or all of your thesis commercially (e.g. as a book), you need to seek permission from your university first. This is to avoid duplicating any prior publishing done through the institutional repository.
In some cases, if your research was funded by an external organization, there may be additional agreements in place regarding copyright. Be sure to check with your funding body or supervisor about any obligations.


Dissertation Writing Service

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