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A dissertation format:

Writing a dissertation or thesis begins with formulating a research proposal. Normally it consists of 5 chapters its averages around 2500 words ; the title, background – introduction and rational discussion, research aim and questions, the research methodology, a plan of work and schedule of time, bibliography or references… It begins with an abstract that summary previews the study.
Most dissertations consist of around 20 pages and 60 pages while a thesis range from 100 to 200 pages. They consist of 12,500 words, 15,000 words and 20,000 words among others. In between their structure consists of chapters as follows.
Abstract and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 which is the Introduction Chapter (statement of the problem, significance of the study, and scope and delimitation of the study)
Chapters 2 comprises the Review of Literature which forms the basis source for the study; the Literature Review.
A Justification of the Research Methods Used
Methodology form chapter 3. It highlights the module used in the study, also referred to as research design.
Chapter 4 has the Results and Analysis Chapter entails the findings.
Chapter 5 and 6 consists of the Discussion and Conclusion chapters.