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Instructions In your course, turn to Lesson 4. Skim through it to refresh your memory. Next, carefully study and review the section titled, “Ecological Challenges Facing Humanity.” Skim through that and then focus on the topic of deforestation. Relying solely on the material in your course and using your own words, your objective will be writing a short descriptive essay that defines and explains selected environmental impacts of deforestation. As you write, imagine you are talking to a friend who has no knowledge of this topic. In short, write the way you speak, using a conversational tone. Also, try to alternate short sentences and longer sentences to make your writing more readable. Before, during, or after you’ve completed your essay, be sure to create a title and cite yourself as the author. For example: Environmental Impacts of Deforestation Jennifer Croft Your essay should have 5 paragraphs. Paragraph 1 is your lead paragraph. It will contain an overview of what you have to say about these three topics – disruption of the carbon cycle, disruption of the hydro (water) cycle, and the reduction of species diversity. Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4, are your body paragraphs. In your essay, paragraph 2 should describe how deforestation disrupts the carbon cycle. In paragraph 3, you’ll write about how deforestation disrupts the hydro (water) cycle. In paragraph 4, you’ll explain how deforestation is related to declining species diversity. Paragraph 5 is your conclusion paragraph. Here, you can describe how you feel about these three effects of deforestation and what we might do about it. Mechanics Your document’s margins should be 1 inch, top, bottom, left, and right. That’s the default option if you use MS Word. All your copy should be flush left. For purposes of evaluating your essay, skip a line between each paragraph. Make sure you use a standard indent for the first sentence of each of your paragraphs. Pressing the tab key one time is a simple way to do that. It’s permissible to use direct quotes from your reading, but don’t overdo it. Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One to three such quotes should be your limit. In any case, be sure to bracket a direct quote with quotation marks. For example: According to Smith, “Carbon dioxide is both our friend and our enemy.” Begin by writing a first draft. Remembering that writing is rewriting, try and try again to make your prose readable. After you think you have a final draft completed, go over the essay again to locate and correct grammar and spelling errors.

Title: Environmental Impacts of Deforestation
Deforestation, the destruction of natural forests, has a number of negative impacts on the environment. Term Paper Writing Service | Research Report Writing – Three of the most significant impacts include disruption of the carbon cycle, disruption of the hydro (water) cycle, and reduction of species diversity.
Deforestation disrupts the carbon cycle by removing trees, which act as carbon sinks, absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This can lead to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, contributing to global warming and climate change. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “an area of tropical forest the size of a football field is being cleared every four seconds” (WWF, 2018). This destruction of carbon sinks contributes to the global greenhouse effect, increasing the Earth’s temperature and altering weather patterns.
In addition to disrupting the carbon cycle, deforestation also disrupts the hydro (water) cycle. Trees play a crucial role in regulating the water cycle by absorbing and releasing water vapor through the process of transpiration. When forests are destroyed, the water cycle is disturbed, leading to changes in precipitation patterns and increased risk of flooding and drought.
Furthermore, deforestation reduces species diversity as it destroys habitats for a wide range of plant and animal species. According to the National Wildlife Federation, “an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 species are lost each year due to tropical deforestation” (NWF, 2018). These species are not only important for their ecological role, but also for their potential economic and medicinal value.
Deforestation has a number of negative impacts on the environment. It disrupts the carbon and hydro cycles, leading to changes in weather patterns and increased risk of flooding and drought. It also reduces species diversity by destroying habitats for a wide range of plant and animal species. It is crucial that we take action to protect our forests and reduce deforestation in order to mitigate these impacts.

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