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LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 1 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 UEENEEE137A, Task 2 What you need to do This project covers the fabric in matters 2, three, four, 5 and 6 from the data specification KS01-EE137A of unit UEENEEE137A. Reply within the area offered the place doable however use separate paper if required. The full project shall be returned to you so answering on the project permits extra simply understood suggestions. Brackets have been supplied with a number of alternative questions so that you can insert the letter similar to your reply. For brief reply questions maintain your solutions clear and concise and make sure you reply the query as requested. For diagrams additionally maintain your reply clear and concise. Your textbook will typically be the prime sources of knowledge however don’t overlook to entry the web, OTEN readings and displays. This project is a part of the evaluation underpinning your office efficiency standards; subsequently, it is advisable reveal that you've studied and comprehended these matters. This shall be proven by reaching 70% out of your marker. If you don't obtain this then you definitely shall be required to resubmit this project. Whole marks for this project is 67 2 LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 Matter 2: Hazards, dangers and management measures—building Brief reply questions (1 mark per written half or as proven) 1 What kind of management measure would a mud assortment fan be (e.g. Elimination)? ________________________________________________________________ 2 State the principle cause why some older switchboard supplies shouldn't be reduce or drilled with out precautions. ________________________________________________________________ three Identify a poisonous fuel which can construct up in an enclosed tank. ________________________________________________________________ four Identify one kind of labor exercise involving a sure wooden kind which is a harmful wooden mud hazard. ________________________________________________________________ 5 The place might an electrician be uncovered to legionella bacterium? ________________________________________________________________ 6 Describe a severe hazard when reducing and becoming a member of fibre optics. ________________________________________________________________ 7 Identify 2 areas in some cottage kind premises the place asbestos will be discovered. (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ eight Identify 2 important sorts of PPE which needs to be issued to staff for his or her safety when working in a vibrant sunny location at a constructing web site. (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 9 An indication displayed on a building web site which reveals an individual’s head with ear safety implies that it's obligatory/not obligatory to put on the safety (Circle the proper reply) 10 75dB of steady noise in a office is the brink of the place everlasting harm can happen. True or False (Circle the proper reply) LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 three © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 11 The low attain insulated elevated work platform can be a great merchandise of plant gear to make use of on reside wires on the level of connection to a industrial constructing The elevated work platform in NSW requires a excessive threat license from Workcover NSW to make use of it. True or False (Circle the proper reply) 12 Identify one location that may be classed as a confined area by Workcover NSW. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 13 What do the letters MSDS stand for? ________________________________________________________________ Whole marks /15 four LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 Subjects three and 5: Additional Low Voltage and Low Voltage Hazards and Dangers Brief reply questions (1 mark per written half or as proven) Additional low voltage is outlined as no more than 50Vac or 120Vdc. Low voltage is outlined as being between 50Vac and 1000Vac or between 120Vdc and 1500Vdc. Be very cautious of those names which might be deceptive to an individual who has not had coaching within the Electrotechnology discipline. Low voltage is deadly. Additional low voltage may be deadly in the correct setting similar to excessive humidity, dampness, salt water, physique salts from perspiration and so on. It is a crucial space for security threat administration, and you have to do all of the studying and present a excessive understanding of the hazards and hazards when working with electrical circuits. Learn the next code of follow as your life and that of others round you isn't price taking dangers with electrical energy. Simply copy and paste in GOOGLE. http://wwwworkcovernswgovau/formspublications/publications/ Paperwork/low_voltage_electrical_work_code_of_practice_0964pdf Watch the next video from YouTube http://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=HaSeu7-YG1M: the lady with hairdryer and electrical employee…’Electrical Accident ‘It’s All About The Hair’ This video is about Low Voltage electrical hazard and lockout/tag out procedures. Be aware that the results in Australia can be extra extreme as a result of voltage and frequency of our provide in comparison with the USA. For questions 14 and 15 you have to learn the doc from Protected Work Australia, ’Managing Electrical Dangers within the Office’ and use the data you study from that doc to finest reply them. http://wwwsafeworkaustraliagovau/websites/SWA/about/Publications/ Paperwork/699/Managing%20Electrical%20Dangers%20in%20the%20 Workplacepdf 14 From Part 51 of the above doc, state the secure work process which have to be accomplished when engaged on all electrical gear or installations. Additionally, state whether or not contractor within the video appeared to carry out this process. (three marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 5 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 15 From Part 6 of the Protected Work Australia doc, talk about what contractor within the video didn't do, and present clearly four steps he ought to have taken to adjust to the Part 6 necessities. (5 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 16 Place numbers from 1 to 7 within the blanks indicating the proper order of steps to be taken in lockout/tag out. (7 marks) Order of motion Steps to be taken Isolate gear Confirm isolation Management saved vitality Shut down gear Put together for shutdown Apply lockout/tag out units 17 You realize the gear is secure when the ability has been turned off. True or False (circle appropriate reply) 18 Which of the next can be a part of "management of saved vitality"? Circle the figuring out letter. (four marks) (a) closing valves, (b) locking out feeders, (c) turning off energy, (d) releasing hydraulic stress, (e) releasing steam stress, (f) blocking motion of components, (g) releasing spring stress 6 LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 19 Locks needs to be eliminated solely by the one who put in them. True or False (circle appropriate reply) 20 Identify 2 gadgets used to point work is being carried out. (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Questions 21 to 24 seek advice from the pc energy provide proven under. ATX energy provide inside Legend A—bridge rectifier B—enter filter capacitors between B and C—Heatsink of high-voltage transistors C—transformer between C and D—Heatsink of low-voltage, high-current rectifiers D—output filter coil E—output filter capacitors 21 Charged capacitors within the energy provide are solely 12 Volts and don't signify a hazard. True or False (circle appropriate) 22 If the 5 Volt output on the ability provide goes right into a low resistance load there isn't any chance of a fireplace hazard. True or False (circle appropriate) 23 In case you are required to service further low voltage 5 Volt techniques like this, there isn't any hazard from carrying steel jewellery. True or False (circle appropriate) Nameplate for pc energy provide LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 7 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 24 The facility provide is an additional low class of provide, having voltages as proven from three.three Volts as much as 12 Volts This provide is kind of secure for shoppers to open and do modifications with and represents no 230 Volt electrocution threat. True or False (circle appropriate) 25 As a primary 12 months apprentice it's fairly okay to your supervisor to depart you unsupervised to set up a brand new socket-outlet in an set up as you could have accomplished it by your self on different events. True or False (circle appropriate) Whole marks /28 eight LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 Matter four: Hazards, dangers and management measures related to excessive voltage A number of alternative questions, 1 mark every 26 The dielectric energy of mica will be anticipated to be greater than: (a) 500 kV/mm (b) 1500 kV/mm (c) 2500 kV/mm (d) 3500 kV/mm ( ) 27 The entire following dielectric supplies are most well-liked for top frequency functions besides: (a) Polyethylene (b) Butyl rubber (c) Teflon (d) Polystyrene ( ) 28 The phenomenon of corona is usually accompanied by: (a) a bang (b) a hissing sound (c) magnetic hum (d) the entire above ( ) 29 Surge voltage originates in energy techniques as a consequence of: (a) lightning (b) switching operations (c) faults (d) any of the above. ( ) 30 Surge diverters are: (a) nonlinear resistors in collection with spark gaps to behave as quick switches (b) arc quenching units (c) shunt reactors to restrict voltage as a result of Ferranti impact (d) over voltages of energy frequency harmonics. ( ) LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 9 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 31 Step potential means: (a) A step-up transformer is used to extend potential to a circuit in excessive demand conditions (b) An earth fault scenario has occurred and if the soil is excessive resistance a staff legs will conduct present higher than the soil within the distance of 1 step (c) Voltages to home dwellings are stepped up because the cables run down a road to overcome losses (d) Rings of voltage radiating by way of damp soil may give rise to massive currents and voltages which might not be deadly when stepped upon. ( ) 32 An authorised and correctly educated individual will be inside __________ of energised 33kV: (a) 2000mm (b) 3000mm (c) 700mm (d) not one of the above as the road would have to be de-energised. ( ) 33 Induced voltage is: (a) Voltage produced by the secondary of a excessive voltage transformer (b) Because of the vital electromagnetic fields current round energized HV electrical traces, voltages could also be induced onto adjoining de- energised or non-commissioned electrical traces (c) Electrified fences work on the precept of electromagnetic induction and since of the sector of vitality across the conducting wires, animals keep away (d) Voltage which is enough to beat rated creepage distances after which trigger surges in home set up. ( ) 34 To eradicate electrical monitoring between two shut conductors, designers should present enough CR______E distance between electrical parts. Whole marks /9 10 LA020088, Task 2, UEENEEE137A Ed1 © New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 Matter 6 Hazards and Dangers with dangerous supplies Brief reply questions (1 mark per written half or as proven) 35 Identify the sickness which is attributable to Manganese in Welding Fumes. ________________________________________________________________ 36 Welding with chrome steel will be hazardous as a consequence of: (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 37 Heating or reducing steel or different materials which has been coated with lead will produce a hazard. Describe the hazard and state what a part of the physique is affected by this. (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 38 You will have been instructed to blow the mud out of some electrical gear Identify the one most harmful airborne contaminant from this course of. ________________________________________________________________ 39 Identify an instance of an administrative management measure with respect to working a laser. Suppose particularly a few worksite and the right way to warn different individuals. ________________________________________________________________ 40 Identify what impact the mud from drilling into bricks or cement may have on the human physique. ________________________________________________________________ 41 What's the predominant hazard that exists when trimming optic fibre with a pointy knife or scalpel blade? (the reply isn't reducing your finger) _________________________________________________________________ 42 Fluorinated hydrocarbons could also be current in widespread refrigerants and are dangerous in the event that they enter the physique through the respiratory passages. Identify the components of the human physique that could be affected. (four marks) ________________________________________________________________ 43 Identify 2 electrical gadgets that will comprise polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). (2 marks) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Whole marks /15 UEENEEE137A Ed1 1 LA020088, Task 2 UEENEEE137A, Task 2 (New South Wales Technical and Additional Schooling Fee, 2015 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Model 1, September 2015 What it's best to do The fabric in matters 2, three, four, 5, and 6 from the data base is roofed on this project. UEENEEE137A unit specification KS01-EE137A. If doable, reply within the area offered, but when vital, use separate paper. The As a result of your complete project shall be returned to you, answering the questions on the project lets you study extra. suggestions that's easy to grasp So that you can insert the letter, brackets with a number of alternative questions have been given. in accordance along with your response Hold your replies clear and succinct whereas answering brief reply questions, and ensure you reply the entire questions. as said within the query Preserve readability in your
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