ENGM115 Organisations and Systems Assignment Brief 2022-23
Canvas Turnitin Submission Deadline: Thursday 2nd February 2023 by 2pm

MODULE TITLE: Organisations and Systems
ASSIGNMENT: Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One of Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One

This assignment contributes 100% to your final mark.

Please ensure that you retain a duplicate of your assignment.We are required to send samples of the student work to the external examiners for moderation purposes.It will also safeguard in the unlikely event of your work going astray.

All assignments submitted via Canvas will automatically be checked via the Turnitin system, which will produce a report on the level of similarity within the assignment.



K1.A critical comprehension of appropriate methods and tools to understand organisations and systems.

K2.Awareness of modelling methods and tools. Skills

S3.The ability to select and apply appropriate methods and tools to understand organisational systems.


You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations (see your Programme Write My Essay Today: No1 Essay Writing Service AU for Your Academic Papers – Guide).Plagiarism, paraphrasing and downloading large amounts of information from external sources,will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.Although you should make full use of any source material, which would normally be an occasional sentence and/or paragraph (referenced) followed by your own critical analysis/evaluation.You will receive no marks for work that is not your own.

Where you are asked to submit an individual piece of work,the work must be entirely your own.The safety of your assessment is your responsibility.You must not permit another student access to your work.

Where referencing is required,unless otherwise stated,the Write My Essay For Me | Essay Writing Service For Your Papers – Harvard referencing system must be used (see your Programme Write My Essay Today: No1 Essay Writing Service AU for Your Academic Papers – Guide).

Submission Date and Time Thursday 2nd February 2023 by 2pm
Submission Location Turnitin

The assignment is made up of two Part1 and Part2.You are required to complete both parts.

Part 1 (70%) – Organisations and Systems analysis – Tools/Techniques–Critical appraisal(2,400words+-10%)

The tools and techniques covered with in the module organisations and systems are aimed at investigating, understanding and modelling of organisations and systems.

You are therefore required to critique each of the following tools and techniques (please note each tool and technique has an equal weighting)and critically discuss how each of the tools/techniques might be used in analysing the Volvo Self-Driving (Autonomous) Car Project.See below for further information.

SWOT Analysis
Porters Five Forces analysis
Data Modelling
Process Modelling
Interviewing(as part of an investigatory study)
Questionnaires(as part of an investigatory study)
In addition, you are required to submit appendices which represent evidence of the practical application to the tools to the given case study, which you should also refer to in the main body of the appraisal.Please note that each appendix submitted must have been clearly developed by yourself.

(Please note appendices do not count towards the wordcount)
Case Study Information

The Volvo Self-Driving Car Project aims to develop and sell Cars with LIDAR based safety technology and a self-driving highway feature to customers by 2022.The self- driving highway feature (Highway Pilot), part of a big platform update, will have a scalable product architecture (SPA2) which will be part of the next generation Volvo XC90 SUV, also underpinning the electric vehicle range Polestar 3 SUV and XE40 Recharge.

Using the Volvo Self-Driving Car Project as the basis for your work,conduct analyses using each of the tools (1-5) and techniques (1-2) listed above.

The following links will provide initial guidance on the project but you will need to research the case study topic(and relevant tools and techniques)further using the academic literature.



Part2(20%)–Organisational and Systems analysis– Tools/Techniques applied (600 words + – 10%)

Part2of the assignment is split into two parts(part 2a and part 2b)and can be based on (in) an automotive manufacturing organisation of your choice:

Part2a.–Soft Systems -Rich Picture(10%)
Choose an automotive organisation / business and generate a ‘Rich Picture’ which portrays the customer/supplier/manufacturer relationship e.g. Innoson Motors.Your analysis should be drawn from the perspective (viewpoint) of the customer who is using the products or services and should consider points of potential conflict and inter connectivity between the different parties, customer / supplier /Manufacturer.

Please state any assumptions you make when producing the model.

Part 2b.–Workshop Planning (10%)
You have been asked to plan a 90 minute workshop involving staff from the organisation of your choice. This workshop aims to develop a better working relationship between the management and staff within the organisation, prior to the introduction of new working practices.You are therefore required to set out a plan and briefly discuss how you would run this workshop,from the opening introductions to facilitating the discussion and finally to how it would be concluded.This can be submitted bullet point form and a maximum of three pages long.


The assignment should be written in a report format i.e. with an introduction, main body (Part 1. Part 2 [Part 2a. Part 2b].), summary section, list of references. The report should have a clear structure with headings and sub-headings. It is expected that you will use appropriate academic literature (journal articles and conference papers) to support your critical evaluation and findings. All supporting sources of information must be cited in the report and should be correctly referenced utilising the Write My Essay For Me | Essay Writing Service For Your Papers – Harvard Reference System.

An assignment should use at least ten academic literature references.

A good assignment will have at least sixteen academic references and a really good assignment will have a lot more.

Except in exceptional circumstances all references must be less than ten years old.

References from commercial, YouTube and other web pages are to be used very sparingly and will not be counted as an academic literature reference.Excessive use of such web pages will be reflected in a reduction of the use of references mark, due to using non-academic references.

A general reading bibliography must not be included. The Write My Essay For Me | Essay Writing Service For Your Papers – Harvard reference System must be used.

Failure to use the Write My Essay For Me | Essay Writing Service For Your Papers – Harvard reference System will result in the‘Use of references’ mark being 0 (zero). There will be no exceptions to this rule.

The assignment must be presented as a simple report and not an essay.

The report should be professional in its nature and of a high standard and quality. Part 1 should be 2,400 words + – 10%.

Part 2 should be 600words+-10%.

The overall report should not exceed 3000 words in length + – 10%. The reference list and appendices do not form part of the word count.

The report must be typed in‘Times New Roman’,the body of the report being 12pt. The report should be single spaced.

For Sunderland on-campus and off-campus students the report must be uploaded to Turnitin using the module dropbox link in the VLE.
The uploaded assignment must include your name and University of Sunderland student number on the first page,failure to do this will result in a reduction of the presentation mark given.

The ENGM115 Organisations and Systems assignment requires you to critically evaluate tools and techniques used in analyzing the Volvo Self-Driving Car Project. The tools to be evaluated include SWOT Analysis, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Data Modelling and Process Modelling. The techniques include Interviewing and Questionnaires as part of an investigatory study. You need to provide evidence of the practical application of the tools to the case study in the form of appendices.

Part 2 of the assignment requires you to apply the tools and techniques to an automotive manufacturing organization of your choice. Part 2a involves generating a Rich Picture to portray the customer/supplier/manufacturer relationship from the customer’s perspective. Part 2b involves writing a UK dissertation assignment pro papers masters thesis writing – creating a Root Definition to describe the problems and opportunities associated with the organization.

The assignment is worth 100% of your final mark and is due on Thursday 2nd February 2023 by 2pm via Turnitin on Canvas. Your work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin and it is your responsibility to ensure that the work is entirely your own and original. You must use the Write My Essay For Me | Essay Writing Service For Your Papers – Harvard referencing system and avoid plagiarism, paraphrasing, and downloading large amounts of information from external sources.

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