Environmental Law: Conduct your own research on the following environmental disaster:
*City of Flint Michigan
Read online articles to get a sense of the environmental law(s) that were violated, the extent of the environmental damage, the damages incurred by residents and businesses, and the clean-up/remedies, etc. Share with the class your impression of the case and the big picture of what happened. What environmental laws were violated? What could or should the corporation/employer(s) have done differently to avoid the environmental damage? Do you think the environmental law(s) at issue in that case should be changed? For example, should there be different or more stringent penalties?

Include a minimum of 3 sources.

B) Intellectual Property:
Patents: To help put the intellectual property terms and concepts into a real- world application, search the USPTO patent database. You can search for a product you have or you can type in a patent number (for more fun simply type in random numbers in the patent number box and see what results you find). Share with the class what you found, the date patented, the owner, and any other interesting fact/information. Click here to go to the patent search page.

Trademarks: After watching the USPTO videos regarding trademarks (see the Instructional Materials page), share with the class what you have learned about this topic. Did you know that sounds could be a trademark? What are your thoughts about trademarks that have become generic such as escalator?

Finally discuss whether the following application for a trademark would or would not be granted based upon your readings this week. Be sure to incorporate legal terms and concepts.

McConald’s with a large MC logo (this restaurant only sells french fries – 52 different flavors and varieties)

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