The assignment Teriparatide TPTD is a drug treatment for osteoporosis. Your assignment is to evaluate the relative effectiveness of TPTD compared with other drugs. To do this you should perform a literature search using only in which the effects of TPTD have been compared with active treatments for osteoporosis. This search should be restricted to randomised controlled trials where fractures or back pain (a surrogate for vertebral fracture) are included in the list of primary or secondary endpoints.

Trials with fewer than 100 participants, and those with a duration of less than 12 months should be excluded as should placebo-controlled trials. You should then conduct a critical analysis of the effectiveness of TPTD with other classes of drug(s) including performing a meta-analysis focusing on fractures as the outcome of interest. Your answer should mention the number of potentially eligible studies included in the initial search; the number of excluded studies (and main reasons for exclusion) and the number of eligible studies.

The answer should contain a description of the characteristics of the included studies. You should then describe the methods you used to extract the data and analyse the results. For the meta-analysis you should justify the included studies and illustrate results with forest plots. Note. For the literature search you are only required to use Your discussion should focus on the interpretation of the results and what this means clinically in regards to the effectiveness of TPTD at preventing fractures in relation to the other drugs it has been compared with. not exceed a total word count of 1,500 words. Vancouver or Harvard referencing style is required for the bibliography and any in-text citations.

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