Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
Generally, nurses are professionals who are trained to take care of the infants, the sick as well as the elderly. In order to dispense their duties as effectively and as efficiently as possible, nurses are supposed to base their courses of action on evidence. In other words, evidence from empirical studies, values and preferences of patients as well as the expertise of the individual nurse should be utilized when coming up with different solutions to the various problems in the field of nursing. It is worth mentioning that evidence based practice in nursing has become quite important. This implies that you might be required to shed some light on this concept by your course instructor. It is also good to note that use of evidence in nursing is supposed to be collaborative. This means that nursing practitioners should make a deliberate attempt to find out what the preferences and value of patients are when offering health care services. They should then use such information and evidence from other sources to determine the most suitable care for a certain patient. We are willing to guide you in working on your evidence based practice in nursing paper today.
It is the responsibility of the nurses to assess the evidence that can be used to inform a certain nursing practice
The use of evidence when offering nursing services means that nurses have a responsibility to assess and judge the usability of a certain body of information. This means that researchers in nursing are expected to conduct studies that have potential of coming up with information that can be applied practically in offering healthcare services. It is also good to note that such evidence should be used to inform clinical practice guidelines. If there is something that you do not really understand about the use of evidence in nursing practice then you should be sure to contact us today.
Sources of evidence in the field of nursing
There are a number of key sources where nurses get the evidence that they use in their nursing practice. The first major source of evidence is randomized control trials. In this study two groups, control and treatment groups, are studied in an experiment to understand the effects of a certain intervention. Meta-analysis or systematic review is also a key source of evidence in the field of nursing. Such analysis critically reviews the information that is related to a certain nursing issue. Case studies also provide a reliable source of nursing information. If you are not sure of where you can obtain information for your evidence based practice in nursing paper then you should consider contacting us today.

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