NURS 6002 Transition to Graduate Study for Nursing.

A guideline for writing an Academic and Professional Success Plan:

The Academic and Professional Success Plan Template outlines the key components needed for success in an academic program and professional career. Here are the main sections and key points:

Academic Success Definition:
– Acquisition of sound knowledge through engaging in sound education
– Utilization of resources like the library, academic skill center, and collaborative learning environment
– Application of critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and collaboration with other disciplines to foster positive social change

Professional Networking:
– Importance of networking with other professionals to redefine goals and motivate higher achievement
– Benefits of belonging to professional groups or associations for knowledge sharing, referrals, and implementing laws or continuing education units (CEUs)
– Authentic ways of building mutually beneficial relationships with classmates and colleagues

Academic and Professional Network:
– Identification and securing participation of at least two academic and two professional individuals or teams
– Selection based on their ability to support success in the program and as a practicing professional
– Clarification of vision for success and guidance now and in the future

Academic Resources and Strategies:
– Identification and description of at least three academic resources or strategies applicable to the program
– Identification and description of at least three professional resources applicable to success in nursing practice or specialty
– Explanation of how these resources will be used and their potential academic and professional benefits

Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics:
– Analysis of the relationship between academic integrity and writing, as well as professional practices and scholarly ethics
– Identification and description of strategies to maintain integrity and ethics in academic work during the program and professional work throughout one’s career
– Review of resources and approaches to be used as a student and professional

Research Analysis:
– Identification of a topic of interest for further study
– Research and analysis of one peer-reviewed research article focused on the topic
– Summary of the analysis, including the approach to identifying and analyzing research, effective strategies for finding peer-reviewed research, and resources for future use

Professional Development:
– Development of a curriculum vitae capturing academic and professional accomplishments
– Identification of one or more professional development goals
– Proposal of how to align professional development goals with the University’s emphasis on social change

Finalizing the Plan:
– Comparison of the selected or preferred nursing specialty to the second preference, describing the focus, role, and differentiators
– Justification of reasons for choosing the MSN specialization, incorporating feedback from colleagues
– Examination of one professional organization related to the selected or preferred specialty and explanation of how to become a member

Notes: Outline for an Academic and Professional Success Plan Template Paper.

Module 1 | Part 1: Developing an Academic and Professional Network
– Build network of 2+ academic and 2+ professional individuals/teams
– Network will help clarify vision for success and provide guidance

Week 1 | Part 1: My Academic and Professional Network
– Identified 4 network members: 2 doctors, 1 nurse practitioner, 1 Walden advisor
– Each can provide mentorship, advice, knowledge sharing for academic/professional growth

Week 2 | Part 2: Academic Resources and Strategies
– Academic resources: library, online tech, student support
– Professional resources: certification, continuing ed, licensure
– Strategies: networking, joining associations, career advancement

Week 3 | Part 3: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics
– Analysis of academic integrity & writing, professional practices & ethics
– Strategies for academic integrity: follow policies, use plagiarism tools, time management
– Strategies for professional integrity: follow ethics codes, prioritize patients, maintain privacy

Week 4 | Part 4: Research Analysis
– Identify topic of interest and peer-reviewed research article
– Analyze article strengths, limitations, relevance
– Summarize approach to finding/analyzing peer-reviewed research

Week 5 | Part 5: Professional Development
– Develop curriculum vitae (CV)
– Identify professional development goals
– Align goals with university’s social change emphasis

Week 6 | Part 6: Finalizing the Plan
– Compare selected nursing specialty to second choice
– Justify reasons for chosen specialty
– Examine professional organization, how to become member

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