This week we are discussing different types of research methods used to study cognitive development, including longitudinal designs, cross-sectional designs, observational studies, and clinical interviews.
find a journal article discussing an experiment that was conducted on cognitive development.
In a 1-2 page paper, describe the experiment, including the subjects, how the experiment was conducted, and the results.
Discuss the type of research method used.
Then, evaluate the experiment. Was it conducted effectively? Do you agree with the choice in research method? Would you recommend any adjustments to make the experiment more successful?

In the article “Executive and theory of mind development in school-age children and adolescents” (2016), the researchers a longitudinal study to examine the development executive function theory of mind in children ages 5 to 15. They recruited 148 typically developing them complete assessing various executive function and theory of mind skills three time points two years.
The experiment utilized both observational and clinical interview methods. the observational component, children’s executive function was assessed tasks the Dimensional Change Card, which requires cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control. Their theory of mind abilities were measured using false belief tasks require understanding another’s perspective.
Clinical interviews were also conducted more complex real-world theory of, such faux pas or lies. Researchers interviewed children and had them explain social scenarios involving deception or a scored on a
The found that executive function and theory of mind continued developing linearly over the two-year period in children ages 5 to 15. Older children consistently performed better younger children on all measures. Executive function was also found to be a significant predictor of of mind ability, supporting the idea that constructs arerelated distinguishable cognitive processes.
In my view, this experiment was conducted quite effectively. The longitudinal design allowed researchers to track development over time within the same group of participants. Using multiple methods from simple tasks to more complex interviews, a well-rounded picture of how these skills emerge. The sample size was also reasonably large Research Paper Writing Service: Professional Help in Research Projects for Students – One enhancement could been more time points detect possible nonlinear patterns of growth. Overall, this study an important contribution to understanding cognitive development during middle childhood and adolescence.

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