Explain impact of hip-hop on society for black history month

Imagine that you have been asked to deliver a lecture on hip-hop’s history and impact on society for a Black History Month (which is February) or a Hip-Hop History Month (which is November) event.

Prepare this lecture in either written format (1,000 to 1,500 words) or as an audio podcast (10-15 minutes in length). In doing so, please delineate what you feel is important for an audience to know about what hip-hop.

How hip-hop interconnects with the history, politics, economics, and social conditions of the latter twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, and how your learning of hip-hop has transformed your own understanding of society.

To prepare this assignment, it might help for you to imagine yourself in the role of an emcee who is hosting a major community-wide hip-hop event.

Please, however, write your lecture for an audience that is not intimately familiar with hip-hop. Communicate your ideas in clear, straightforward language that is appropriate for an advanced college-level humanities course. Integrate at least five reference sources used in this module, and cite these sources appropriately.

If you quote colloquial expressions, please make sure to explain what the colloquialisms are meant to convey. Writing in this manner will allow you to communicate your ideas in a way that both followers and non-followers of hip-hop can understand and appreciate.

A good example of such a lecture is this one by The Teacha KRS One, which was delivered at a Black History Month event in 2004 at Temple University in Philadelphia

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