Relationship Paper Students will type a paper applying a relational concept/theory to a relationship of their choice. Students should select a relationship that they have with another person (e.g., significant other, parent, sibling, friend, co-worker, supervisor, relative, teacher). Students will describe the relationship by doing one of the following: Explain the Relationship Stages using your relationship as an example Explain how self-disclosure is used in your relationship Analyze the relational characteristics of your relationship Discuss the dimensions on intimacy used in your relationship Explain how culture has played a role in your relationship Describe how you and your family (or family member) communicate Describe a friendship you have using a relational theory Describe the romantic turning points for a romantic relationship you have been in Apply the love languages to your relationship Describe how you have repaired a damaged relationship Describe how you have resolved conflict in a relationship
Explaining the Relationship Stages Using a Friendship as an Example

In this paper, I will be applying the concept of the relationship stages to a friendship I have with one of my closest friends. According to psychologist and researcher, Dr. David M. Olson, there are five stages of a relationship, which include: initiation, experimentation, intensification, stabilization, and decline/end. In this paper, I will be using this concept to examine my friendship with my friend, and how we have progressed through these stages over the years.

The first stage of a relationship, initiation, is where both individuals are first introduced to one another and start to establish a connection. In my friendship, my friend and I met in high school and immediately hit it off. We bonded over our shared interests and started spending time together, getting to know one another.

The second stage, experimentation, is where the relationship is put to the test and individuals determine if they want to pursue a deeper connection. During this stage, my friend and I started to spend more time together and would often confide in one another about our personal lives and thoughts. We were both testing the waters to see if our friendship was something we wanted to pursue further.

The third stage, intensification, is where the relationship starts to become more serious and intense. During this stage, my friend and I became much closer and our friendship became a major part of our lives. We started spending nearly every day together and were always there for one another during both the good times and the bad.

The fourth stage, stabilization, is where the relationship becomes more routine and stable. This is where my friend and I are currently at in our relationship. Our friendship has become a constant in our lives and we both know we can always count on one another.

The final stage, decline/end, is where the relationship starts to decline and eventually ends. This stage has not yet been reached in our friendship, and I hope it never will be.

In conclusion, the relationship stages concept has been extremely useful in analyzing my friendship with my friend. By examining the different stages of our relationship, I have been able to better understand and appreciate the journey we have been on together. Our friendship has grown and strengthened over the years, and I am grateful for the bond we have formed.