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Movie Analysis Assignment

Movie Analysis Assignment Movie Analysis Assignment due 4/11/2023 Criteria weight Did the characters accurately exhibit the mental health disorders categorized by the list below? Give specific examples to explain 12 What societal/cultural attitudes are reflected about mental illness? 20 How did you react to the characters? 15 State 3 NANDA diagnoses and psychiatric nursing care […]

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The 3 Idiots

The 3 Idiots State the title of the film you chose and write a brief synopsis For this discussion, I chose the film titled The 3 Idiots. The film covers three students enrolled in Imperial College of Engineering, one of the most respected colleges located in Delhi, India. The three, Farhan Hershi, Raju Rastogi, and […]

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My Own Private Idaho, directed by Gus Van Sant,

Critical Review No. 2 (Professor’s Choice: My Own Private Idaho, 1991; Directed by Gus Van Sant or Boys Don’t Cry, 1998; Directed by Kimberly Pierce Assignment Objectives: Enhance and/or improve critical thinking and media literacy skills by: 1. Developing a clear and concise thesis statement (an argument) in response to the following question: Does the […]

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Role of “Landscape” in Korean film

TOPIC: Role of “Landscape” in Korean film. DESCRIPTION: According to Kyung Hyun Kim, what is the role of “landscapes” in Korean films of the 1990s and 2000s? Choose one of the Korean films we’ve watched(Chihwaseon or the handmaiden) so far and discuss how the film does or does not fit the pattern described by Kim. […]

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Role of “looking” in Shadowsinthepalace

Role of “looking” in Shadowsinthepalace DESCRIPTION: Discuss the role of “looking” in movie Shadows in the Palace. How do the acts of watching and being watched play out in terms of the story, the themes, and the formal features of the film(for example, the camera angles and editing of the shots? (While writing this essay, […]

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