Finance and Accounting Sam and Susan Scully

Subject: Finance and Accounting
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 3
Style: APA

Insurance Assignment

Sam and Susan Scully have come to financial planner Lissa Cardenas to ask about the adequacy of their life insurance coverage. They have two children ages 4 and 2. They are each 35 years old. Sam works full-time in a management position in a manufacturing company. He earns $95,000 p.a. and does not expect further promotions, but does expect his salary will keep pace with inflation. His take home pay is $70,000 after all deductions. Susan spends much of her time as a homemaker, but she earns $15,000 p.a. in part-time jobs, which is also her take home pay. She expects she will continue to do that in the future. They plan to retire when Sam reaches age 65.

They would like to continue to support the children for the first few years after high school; they are saving a small amount every year in an RESP for them. The balance in the RESP is now $10,000. They live in Wawanesa, Manitoba. They also have $40,000 in TFSAs, $10,000 in bank accounts and $4,000 in an RRSP. Sam will get a reasonably good employer pension, but Susan will get only CPP when she retires. If Sam predeceases her, she would get a top-up of CPP that would take her to the maximum CPP. They own their own home in Wawanesa, Manitoba, with a mortgage of $200,000 and an estimated market value of $400,000. They pay off the credit cards completely every month and have no other debts. Their budget is balanced, but after paying normal living expenses, the mortgage and small contributions to the RESP and $5,000 to the TFSA, they will not have money for much else. They are in excellent health and do not smoke.

Susan gets no benefits from her work, other than the mandatory employer contributions to CPP. In addition to the pension plan, Sam has good extended health care insurance and life insurance worth two times his salary, from the employer. His employer has a long-term disability plan and Sam pays the premiums for a benefit of 65% of his salary if he is unable to perform his existing job. They would have to pay $10,000 p.a. to replace the employer benefits. Sam also has a whole life insurance policy with a face value of $100,000 and a cash surrender value of $6,000.

They own only one car because Sam doesn’t need a car for his work. It is insured for $200,000 liability, collision, theft and accident, with a deductible of $100. The house is insured for $100,000. The insurance company estimates that the land is worth $80,000 of $250,000 market value. The deductible is $100.


a) Estimate their requirement for additional life insurance using the income method and the expense method. Recommend how much additional insurance they need and what kind they need. Use a discount rate of 3% and assume all the expenses and income are constant.
b) Analyse their other insurance needs, keeping in mind the basic risk management process. Recommend other additional insurance coverage they need or can reduce or cancel, and estimate how much they need.

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