I need to write a 3 page essay based on my culinary externship.the topic is “Food Allergies – How does your externship property handle food allergies to nuts, gluten, etc.? Would you do anything differently? Explain.”my externship property was a famous farm to table restaurant which does new american and french cuisine. All the food that’s in the menu are 100 % organic. They are very strict with the allergens, so in the fire ticket that the cooks get from the front of the house members, the allergens are printed in red and under the name of the menu, any dressings or ingredients that we should avoid putting in that particular dish is printed in red. our servers check if the customers have any allergies before they order food as well as recommending dishes with out the allergens. and they also let the kitchen crews and chefs know about the allergies. They do a final check before they bring the food to the customers and then explain again to the customers that certain ingredients are not included in that particular dish. I want these information to be written in the essay.Be 3 to 5 pages in length.• Use Times New Roman, 12 point font; standard 1-inch margins; and double line spacing• Use proper grammar and spellingdue date

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