The use of fossil fuel has resulted in environmental concern amongst many people. Fossil fuel combustion results in environmental pollution affecting the air we breathe, causing smog, acid rain, ozone layer depletion and greenhouse effect. Despite the many unwanted environmental effects, fossil fuel is still widely used in America to produce gasoline. While electric cars have been around for a very long time, gasoline fueled cars are more widely purchased. Why is that the case? Electric cars have begun to grow in popularity as we see more hybrid and fully electric cars on the road. One of the main drawback to purchasing electric cars is the price. Elon Musk, a wealthy technology entrepreneur believes that his company Tesla can produce an electric car that would cost a consumer about $25,000 within the next three years. The federal government has issued tax incentives/breaks in some states to encourage consumers who purchase electric cars. Will charging stations be built throughout the U.S. to support these cars? Are electric cars really the cars of the future? How is the battery in the gasoline car different from the battery in the electric car? How much energy (in Joules) is produced in a combustion reaction of 1000g or 1 kg of gasoline? How much of that energy is lost to the environment as heat? Can this be compared to the amount of energy produced by a single charge in an electric car? Write a research paper discussing the benefits and challenges of replacing gasoline cars with electric cars. You may use peer-reviewed research papers, academic journals, government sources such as, textbooks and other reliable resources. Your paper must include the following as stated in the grading rubric (grading rubric is attached below): Image – Select or draw an image that is properly referenced in your paper to show that you are able to relate your image to your content. The selected image must help the reader understand the topic better. Graph – You may plot a graph from a data table from your cited source or use a graph already drawn to show that you are able to interpret the data table or graph. From the graph, what generalization can be made? Mathematical Equations/ Calculations- Use relevant mathematical formulas used in chemistry to calculate an unknown quantity in your paper such as molarity, charge, energy, calories, frequency, mass, slope, y-intercept etc. In doing so you will demonstrate an ability to reason quantitatively.Be sure to thoroughly discuss both sides of the issue and present your position. Presenting both sides of the issue before you state your position demonstrates that you have critically analyzed the data and made a well-informed decision. Write your paper third person even as you write your position. Use proper grammar and punctuation. Include in-text citations and cite sources on the last page. The APA 6th edition guide has been provided below with examples to help you properly format your paper.

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