Girls’ Resilience from Delinquent Acts
Discuss at least two factors that produce resiliency in girls in order to avoid a life of crime. If you were to develop a program for girls, what elements might you include in you program to prevent girl delinquency? What interventions do you think might benefit at-risk girls the most?

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Girls’ Resilience to Delinquent Acts
Resiliency entails the ability to succeed regardless of the external factors that try to deter this path to success. Peer pressure and bad influence has led to a lot of teenagers committing crimes leading to their incarcerations at the expense of their future. In light of this, according to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations, 30% of juvenile arrests are girls. Therefore, a lot of safety measures have been enacted to prevent at risk girls from delinquency (Klopack, 2020). However, there are still cases of girl delinquency that require intervention in an effort to create a delinquency free society.
Herein, are factors that enhance resiliency in girls and prevent them from delinquency. Firstly, school connectedness and success, this plays an imperative role in preventing teenagers notably girls from indulging in having a positive interaction in school with their peers enables them to pick up a decent moral culture. Additionally, school success acts as a motivational pillar for girls to better their lives regardless of their backgrounds. Education enlightens the child to understand the detrimental consequences of delinquency, thus refraining (Cheung, 2017). Secondly, religiosity positively impacts the lives of teens by writing a UK dissertation assignment pro papers masters thesis writing – creating the consensus to understand the morality between right and wrong while providing guidance to seek the spiritual path and refrain from criminal acts.
In the event of protecting girls from delinquency, a lot of measures have been put in place. Notably, more interventions are necessary to be formulated and implemented in order to safeguard the future of these children. With particular focus to me, to mitigate girl delinquency, I would initiate programs to cater of the needs of young girls especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. write my research paper owl essayservice uk writings. catering for their essential needs such as sanitary care and education will prevent them from committing crimes to satisfy their needs. Additionally, community rehabilitation programs to rehabilitate those that have been released from juvenile following incarceration for delinquent acts. Prevention of delinquency is a communal responsibility and every player should play their role to curb girl’s delinquency (Hu, 2020).

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