Growth of the United states In order to make this essay easier to write, I am clarifying some of the instructions and asking you to organize your essay in the following way: 1. Your body paragraph topics are the economic, social and political change in your country in the 18th century, aka the 1700’s. 2. Your essay must be five paragraphs long. 3. You must find and cite at least two outside sources. Three topics = three body paragraphs 1- Economic change involves how people in the country make money, what kinds of jobs do they have, how is wealth distributed among the citizens. 2- Social change is how people live and behave in a country, such as a change in rights for minorities, a change in how it is acceptable for people to behave, a change in culture like language or religion. 3- Political change is a shift in how a country is run, its political system, and who is in charge. Think government. Once you pick you country, make three lists detailing the three topics of change for your country. Include how the country changed and why it changed for each topic. You will need examples for the how and why of each change you see. You will need at least two examples for each topic. Then use the lists and examples to build your body paragraphs. Start with a topic sentence which you create by looking at your evidence. Explain the how and the why in this sentence and then use your evidence to write two or three supporting sentences. Use the topic sentences in your introductory paragraph and look for a pattern or generality upon which to build your thesis statement. Restate your thesis and topic sentences in your concluding paragraph and write one last sentence to conclude your essay and tie it all together. In addition to information from your textbook, please search for additional information from at least two outside sources. This can be another book or a website. Use the MLA format for citing work in your paper. See the Bibliography Guide on the message board for instructions. This involves collecting some information and listing it on a separate page in your essay. Essay Outline I. Introductory Paragraph Thesis Statement Topic #1 sentence Topic #2 sentence Topic #3 sentence Transition sentence II. Body Paragraph #1 Topic #1 sentence Evidence sentences- at least 2 Concluding sentence III. Body Paragraph #2 Topic #2 sentence Evidence sentences- at least 2 Concluding sentence IV. Body Paragraph #3 Topic #3 sentence Evidence sentences- at least 2 Concluding sentence V. Concluding Paragraph Restate thesis Remind us of your topics and conclusions- 3 sentences, one for each body paragraph Conclude sentece

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