LENGTH: 5-6 pages NO ESSAY shorter than 5 FULL pages will be graded and will receive a zero. RESEARCH: 5 sources—books, library databases, print magazines/journals, and the following online resources: You can also use Google Scholar in your research. However, when working with online sources outside of library databases, remember to evaluate them accordingly to ensure credibility and authenticity. Be advised that you will be REQUIRED to submit copies of ALL of your research sources along with your final draft. If the source submitted is of doubtful credibility, I will not count it towards the required 5. Also, please confine your sources to the types listed above. Using sources outside of the permitted range will result in a grade of zero for the paper. Similarly, not meeting the requirement of 5 sources will result in a zero. Please understand that everything listed on your Works Cited MUST BE cited/clearly attributed in your essay. Failure to provide in- text citations and/or Works Cited page and/or listing sources that are not integrated into your paper constitutes plagiarism. PURPOSE: Choose a pertinent social issue that impedes national or communal happiness in the United States. (See the list of suggested topics posted on Bb). Write an argumentative paper that asserts something significant about the issue—its root causes, detrimental effects, potential solutions, etc. Make sure that your topic is NARROW and FOCUSED. For example, if you choose to examine high depression and anxiety rates, what age group are you going to focus on? Are you going to examine the correlation between these disorders and the structure of the modern workplace? Technology- influenced mental disorders? The prevalence of depression and similar mental disorders in a certain profession, say among lawyers? NFL players? Choose a topic that aligns with your personal interests or professional aspirations. It is a good idea to do some preliminary research using library databases to narrow down the scope of your topic. FORMAT: MLA including MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page STRUCTURE: This is an argumentative essay that necessitates a strong thesis statement that is supported by well-developed paragraphs that feature strong topic and concluding sentences along with relevant properly integrated and documented textual evidence. See the rubric for more details. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: You are required to schedule an appointment with a librarian AND the Writing Lab. I recommend you seek their help on more than one occasion; you will be asked to submit proof of attendance with your final draft. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: I. Research paper proposal is due on Bb (see the Calendar for the due date)—see Bedford (page 542) for the guidelines. Format it in MLA. 500 words minimum. II. You will submit this essay in class IN A FOLDER accompanied by  an outline  research notes  rough drafts and peer review worksheets  copies of ALL research sources with the passages used HIGHLIGHTED  Writing Lab slip and Library appointment confirmation STAPLED to your final draft  Research Essay Rubric with your self-assessment III. Upload a copy of your final draft into the Essay #2 Dropbox posted on Bb for PLAGIARISM CHECK. This copy is for plagiarism detection ONLY and will not be graded.

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