Healthcare Program/Policy Evaluation Analysis Template

Use this document to complete the Module 6 Assessment Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement. The global Healthcare disparities of the world. The global healthcare narratives are shaping the global world. It affects regions, industry. These agendas that take place are unprecedented, uncertain, fragility and controversial. The global village is shrinking that what happen is any part of the world is felt within one week. This is either due to migration or global warming in temperature change and more.

Healthcare Program/Policy Evaluation Evaluation is invaluable from the inception of any health care policy. It is used as measureable ways of accountability, looking for efficacy and effectiveness of the program or policy.


How was the success of the program or policy measured?

It is measured by how many people did it serve. What is the value / was it effective. Did it need reshaping and

How many people were reached by the program or policy selected? How much of an impact was realized with the program or policy selected?

What data was used to conduct the program or policy evaluation?

What specific information on unintended consequences were identified?

What stakeholders were identified in the evaluation of the program or policy? Who would benefit most from the results and reporting of the program or policy evaluation? Be specific and provide examples.

Did the program or policy meet the original intent and objectives? Why or why not?

Would you recommend implementing this program or policy in your place of work? Why or why not?

Identify at least two ways that you, as a nurse advocate, could become involved in evaluating a program or policy after one year of implementation.

General Notes/Comments


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